The Millionaire's Forever

By: Sonya Weiss

“Your business is portable.” He settled the coffee carafe on the table again. “You can design anywhere. I can have whatever you need, including a group of the best seamstresses, at your beck and call. I’m sure you have someone you can trust to run the day-to-day operation here.”

Impatience flashed in her eyes. “I do, but that’s beside the point.” Olivia set down her fork. “You’re assuming I can uproot my life while yours remains the same.”

“So it seems.”

“I have obligations and can’t simply disappear. I would need to be in Texas at least two days out of the week.”

The way she said it, in an almost desperate tone, made him wonder if there was something going on in her life his investigators missed. “‘Disappear’ is a strong way to phrase it.” Mason leaned back in his chair. As far as he was concerned, there were no roadblocks. Whatever she needed, he had the ability to make it happen. “My pilot can fly you back any time you need to return to handle business.”

She blew out a breath and he saw frustration flit across her face. Drumming her fingers, she said, “What about transportation around Chicago while I’m there?”

“My chauffeur can take you or I’ll buy you a damn car.” He shifted his position, leaning forward. “We’re not going to nickel-and-dime this agreement to death. I’ll see to it anything you need for your business or transportation is taken care of. Any of your personal needs, clothes, services, and the like will be provided for you as well.”

Her eyes narrowed and she looked decidedly angry.

Mason frowned. What the hell had he missed? He thought his offer was damned generous. She couldn’t possibly want more.

“And if we do end up sleeping together, will you toss some money on the bedside table afterward?”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Maybe not, but it’s the way it makes me feel.” Olivia threw down the white cloth napkin, pushed her chair away from the table, and stood. “I’m not interested in anything your money can provide. I pay my own way or not at all.”

Olivia’s disinterest in his money was unlike any of the other women he’d known. Most couldn’t get enough. Cars. Jewelry. Clothes. Lavish vacation trips.

He’d assumed, wrongly it seemed now, she’d be exactly like them, that he only had to mention there were no limits to what he could offer and she’d jump at it. Olivia’s stubborn pride would be admirable if it wasn’t so damned inconvenient. He didn’t have time for this. Mason looked at his watch and rose to his feet. “Come with me.”

She frowned. “Why? We haven’t finished going over the agreement. I thought you said you had to leave for Chicago.”

“My pilot won’t leave without me. I need to pick up my dog.”

He waited for Olivia while she reluctantly retrieved the paper she’d written her list of demands on and stuck it back in her purse. She walked toward him and stopped, keeping her gaze on the door of the suite. “I’ve never been a follower.”

Reaching around her, he opened the door and motioned her out. “Meaning?”

He joined her in the hallway and together they headed to the elevator. Once they entered and the doors closed, she said, “You and I are both leaders. Used to being the one on top.”

He smirked. “I’m assuming that’s a business metaphor?”

She rubbed her forehead. “If you and I do come to an agreement, it will be business only. I guess I’m concerned that one or both of us will end up hurt if we go through with this arrangement.”

The elevator doors slid open into the lobby and they walked to the front of the hotel, where Mason handed the valet the ticket for the Ferrari. “I have no intention of deliberately hurting you.”

“You’re not concerned I’ll hurt you?”

He looked down at her, not following her line of thinking. “Why should I be?”

“You might fall madly in love with me and end up brokenhearted once our arrangement ends.”

The valet parked the car in front of them and passed Mason the key. When the valet stepped back, Mason opened the passenger door for Olivia. With one hand on the roof, he leaned slightly down, catching and holding her gaze. “You forget I don’t have a heart.”

Fall in love with Olivia. What a damned ridiculous idea. He wasn’t the falling-in-love type and he sure as hell wouldn’t fall for Olivia, even if he were. He wanted only one thing from her—that goddamned miserable land.

He shut the door and moved unhurriedly around to the driver’s side. In the car, Olivia’s perfume was even more intoxicating than it had been in the hotel room. She opened her little black purse and extracted a tube of red lipstick. As she slid it slowly and sensuously across her full lips, Mason amended his earlier thought. He only wanted two things from her. Getting both of them would satisfy the hell out of him.

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