The Millionaire's Forever

By: Sonya Weiss

Picking up a napkin, Olivia wiped the tips of her fingers. If his words bothered her, again, she didn’t show it. “My turn. Mason Parker. Thirty-two. Photographed with numerous beautiful women and I’m assuming none of those relationships were platonic. You have a pet—a Great Dane named Redemption you call Red for short. And you’re worth millions upon millions of dollars thanks to the security software company you started. How am I doing?”

“That’s information you gleaned from online searches.”

“I didn’t have time to put my team of lawyers and investigators on it.”

Mason knew damn well she didn’t have either. “Do you want to eat or do you want to go at it?”

She lifted an eyebrow, her irritation clear from the quick tightening of her lips. “By ‘go at it,’ I’m assuming you mean discuss our lives intersecting outside of the bedroom?”

“Of course. But for your benefit, we should discuss inside my bedroom as well, since there’s no doubt in my mind that’s where you’ll end up.”

Olivia poured herself a cup of coffee and yawned. “Forgive me if I’m not on top of my game. I had a very late night last night. But if I recall, there was nothing in our conversation about the two of us becoming lovers.”

“I said you would come to my bed without any persuasion from me.”

“That’s right. So you did.” Moving to the chair, Olivia picked up her purse and opened it. She removed two folded sheets of paper and held them out.

He took them and raised an eyebrow. “What’s this?”

“My list of requirements if I’m going to enter into this facade with you.”

Mason blinked. “Sweetheart, I’m not sure you fully grasp the situation. You’re in no position to ask me for any concessions in this deal.”

“Oh, no, sweetheart, you misunderstand. I’m not asking. You can call that my counteroffer.” She walked back to her coffee and took a sip, smothering another yawn.

Annoyance surged within him. “Without me, Olivia, you lose everything.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Without me, Mason, so do you.”

Checkmate. Damn, she’s good. He decided to call her on it. He took out his cell phone and began dialing. “I’ll arrange to have a team of reporters at my company by the evening, and once I return to Chicago, I’ll let them know this was all a ruse.”

“Okay.” Olivia set the coffee cup aside and picked up her purse. She slid the strap onto her shoulder and nodded at him. “I’ll show myself out.” She opened the door.

He moved forward and put his hand over hers, pushing the door shut. No one had ever called him out before and he damn well didn’t like it. He had no intention of giving in, but said, “We’ll discuss your requirements.”

This close to her, with her lips parted, her gaze locked on his, the desire to take her, to feel her body yield beneath his, hammered at him with the force of a battering ram. Her lips curved ever so slightly and Mason knew she felt the same attraction he did, but he also knew she was fighting it tooth and nail. She raised herself up, bringing her face closer, and he waited for the kiss.

The kiss that never came.

Instead, she said, “Good. I’m glad you’re in agreement. I’m starving. Let’s talk while we eat.” Turning on her heel, she headed toward the cart, talking ninety miles a minute about some damn elusive pearl beads she’d finally tracked down for a wedding dress.

Forcing his raging desire to behave, he pulled out a chair for her and she said, “A gentleman?”

Waiting until she was seated, he leaned down and put his lips close enough to brush her ear. Her body gave a faint shiver. “Hardly. But I’ll be glad to show you how gentle I can be.” When he straightened, he caught the flash of anger in her eyes before she quickly hid it.

“About the requirements,” she said, helping herself to a waffle. “Some of them I can be a little lenient with. Others are nonnegotiable.”

Mason scanned the list and frowned, then looked at her. “It’s not possible for you to remain here in Butler Field while I’m in Chicago.”

“Why not?” Olivia added a dollop of whipped cream to the waffle and then tasted it. “Our relationship has been great so far with this distance between us.”

“Cute.” He reached for a coffee cup and righted it before pouring himself some of the steaming hot brew. “The answer is no. We’ll share my house in Chicago.” Olivia in his home was a foregone conclusion as far as he was concerned.

She shook her head and pointed out the obvious. “My business is here.”

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