The Millionaire's Snowbound Seduction

By: Sandra Marton

‘…five, six, seven, eight,’ Nick said in hushed tones.

Holly stared, transfixed. ‘And that,’ she whispered, ‘that looks like a sleigh. Nick, do you see it? And—and there’s someone driving it. He’s waving to us…’

A cloud swept in, obscuring the moon. When it passed, the silhouette was gone.

Nick gave a shaky laugh. ‘Snow geese. That’s what it probably was. Snow geese, flying across the night sky.’

‘Snow geese,’ Holly said, letting out her breath. ‘Definitely.’

Nick smiled. ‘Merry Christmas, wife.’

Holly smiled, too, as she went into his arms. ‘Merry Christmas, husband.’

‘Aye-up,’ the wind whispered, as it curled around the snug little cabin. Off in the distance, the sweet, haunting sound of sleighbells rang out across the mountain.

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