The Millionaire's True Worth

By: Rebecca Winters

* * *

Raina couldn’t believe that the incredible man she’d seen on the street yesterday was none other than Theo’s best man. It was an amazing coincidence. She was actually upset with herself for having any feelings about seeing him again tonight.

Since her divorce, there’d been no man in her life and she’d purposely kept it that way. She didn’t want to fall in love again and take the chance of being hurt. For this man to have already made an impact on her without even trying was disturbing. After the pain she’d been through because of Byron, she never wanted to experience it again.

When the driver drove up in front of the hotel, Raina was relieved that the striking Greek male sitting next to her had gone quiet and didn’t pressure her for more information. That was good.

She found that when she used a man’s tactics of a little false flattery on him, the fun went out of it on his part. Knowing Raina could see through his strategy, his interest had quickly waned. She wanted to leave Greece with no complications. Already she knew this man was unforgettable. The sooner she could get away from him, the better.

“Thanks again for the lift,” she said in a cheery voice, needing to escape the potency of his male charisma.

He opened the door and took her crutches to help her from the back of the limo. She put them underneath her arms and started for the entrance. After pushing the hotel door open, he accompanied her as far as the foyer. She kept moving toward the elevator. While she waited, she turned in his direction.

“Like you, I appreciated being rescued.” The lift door finally opened. “Good night.” She stepped inside without looking back, praying for it to close fast in case he decided to go upstairs with her.

Raina willed her heart to stop thudding. She hadn’t been kidding when she’d said he looked like a Greek god. From his black hair and eyes to his tall, powerful build, he was the personification of male perfection. She hadn’t been able to take her eyes off him all evening. His image would be all over the television tonight, causing legions of women to swoon.

Chloe had raved about Theo’s looks, but he couldn’t hold a candle to his best man. What had she called him? Akis something or other. He had a self-assured presence, bordering on an arrogance he probably wasn’t aware of.

The maid of honor who’d danced with him earlier had looked pained when he’d left her side and made a beeline to Raina’s table. Here Raina had tried so hard to be invisible during the reception. But at least no one recognized her.

So far the only photos taken of her were because the best man with his Greek-god looks had helped her out to the limo. Until now Raina had managed to escape any notoriety. The paparazzi were following him, not her. Chloe’s beautiful day had gone perfectly without a marring incident of any kind. If ever a bride looked euphoric...

Grateful for the reception to be over, she let herself into the room. To her surprise there was a light blinking on the phone. It couldn’t possibly be Chloe. Maybe it was the front desk. She used her crutches to reach the bedside and sat down to find out if something was wrong.

When she picked up, she listened to the message from Nora Milonis, Chloe’s mother. She was sending a car for Raina in the morning and insisted she spend the rest of her time in Athens with them. Be ready at 9:00 a.m. Absolutely no excuses now that the wedding was over!

She’d known the invitation was coming. It warmed her heart and put her in a much better mood.

Once she’d called for ice and was ready for bed, she elevated her leg and turned on the TV. But her mind wandered to the man who’d brought her home.

He spoke English with a deep, heavy Greek accent she found appealing. The man hadn’t done anything, yet he’d disturbed her senses that had lain dormant since she’d discovered her husband had been unfaithful to her. The way he’d looked at her both yesterday and tonight had made her feel alive for the first time in years and he hadn’t even touched her!

Why this man? Why now? She couldn’t understand what it was that made him so fascinating to her. That was the trouble. She didn’t want to find him fascinating because it meant a part of her wanted to see him again.

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