The Millionaire's True Worth

By: Rebecca Winters

She’d planned to fly back to California soon, but her sprained ankle prevented her from leaving for a while. How wonderful that she’d be able to spend time with Chloe’s parents after all! Raina needed family right now, even if it wasn’t her own.

The doctor had warned her to keep it supported close to a week for a faster recovery. She’d planned to do work on her laptop and get in some reading.

Anything to keep her mind off Theo’s best man.



The clerk’s head lifted. “Kyrie Giannopoulos—what a surprise to see you in here this morning! I didn’t expect a visit before next week.”

Galen reminded Akis of himself at an earlier age. He was eager for the work and anxious to please. So far, Akis had had no complaints about him. “I came by to find out if you were on duty the day before yesterday when an American woman slipped and fell.”

“Yes. Mikos and I were both here. How did you know?”

“That’s not important. Tell me what happened.”

Akis listened as his employee recounted the same story the exciting woman had told him last night. “Did she threaten to sue?”

“No. She claimed it was her fault.”

“Did you fill out an incident report?”

“Yes. It’s on the desk in the back room. I told the ambulance attendant the store would be responsible for the bill.”

“You did exactly the right thing. Thank you.”

Akis walked behind the counter and entered the small room, anxious to see what was written. He reached in the Out basket and found the injury report.

June 3, 1:45 p.m.

Ginger Moss: American, age 26

Athens address: The Diethnes Hotel.

Customer fell on wet floor after purchasing some headache medicine. She limped in pain. I called an ambulance. She was taken to St. Michael’s Hospital. Signed: Galen.

Ginger... He liked the name very much. He liked everything about her too much. She’d caused him a restless night despite the fact that the whole wedding day had been exhausting. Ginger Moss had that effect on a man.

Akis had felt her magic and couldn’t throw it off. Now that he was armed with her name, he planned to seek her out so he could get to know her better. Since he didn’t know her agenda, he had no idea how long she’d be in Athens. The only way to find out was to head over to her hotel.

Galen poked his head in the door. “Is everything all right, boss?”

“You two are doing a fine job.”

“Thanks. About that American woman who slipped and fell?”

Akis turned his head to look at his employee. “Yes?”

“Mikos had just mopped the floor before she came in. We did have the caution sign set out on the floor.”

“Good.” He nodded to his two employees and went back out to the limo. “I’ll walk to the Diethnes from here,” he told the driver. “Follow me and wait in front until you hear from me again.”

A few minutes later he entered the hotel lobby and told the concierge he’d like to speak to one of their guests named Ginger Moss. The other man shook his head. “We don’t have a tourist staying here with that name.”

Akis unconsciously ran a hand through his hair in surprise. “You’re sure? Maybe if I explain that the woman I’m looking for was using crutches when I dropped her off here last night.”

“Ah... The one with hair the color of a Titian painting and a figure like the statue in the museum. You know—the one of the goddess Aphrodite carrying a pitcher?”

Yes—that was the precise one Akis had envisioned himself.

He thought back to last night. She’d been elusive about everything. What kind of a game was she playing? He closed his eyes tightly for a moment, remembering her comment about him resembling a Greek god. Touché.

“Would you ring her room and tell her the man who helped her home last night is in the lobby and wishes to talk to her?”

His shoulders hunched. “I can’t. She checked out an hour ago.”

“You mean permanently?” he barked the question.

“Of course.”

“Did she leave a forwarding address?”

“No. I’m sorry.”

“Did she go by taxi?”

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