The Millionaire's True Worth

By: Rebecca Winters

“I don’t know. I was busy at the desk.”

“What name did she register under?”

“Unless you have a judge’s warrant, I can’t tell you.”

Trying to tamp down his frustration, he thanked the man and hurried outside to the limo where his driver was waiting.

“Shall I take you to the office?

“Not yet. I have a phone call to make first.” Akis climbed in the back and phoned Theo’s parents. He reached his friend’s mother. After chatting for a moment about the perfect wedding, she mentioned Althea and her disappointment that Akis had needed to leave the reception so soon. Akis reminded her that something pressing in business had come up. Then he got to the point.

“Did you invite an American woman named Ginger Moss to the wedding reception?”

“Moss? No,” she claimed after reflection. “That’s an unusual name, and it certainly wasn’t on our list or I would have remembered. Why?”

So that was the reason why Theo hadn’t arranged for her to stay at the Grand Bretagne. “I’m trying to find her.”

After a silence, “Is she the person who caused you to walk away from Althea so fast last night?”

Akis didn’t mind her teasing insinuation. Theo’s parents were like a second family to him. For the last year both of them had kept reminding him it was time he got married, too. “No. As I was leaving the ballroom, I ran into the woman who was on crutches and needed help out to a taxi.”

“Hmm. Why don’t you check with Chloe’s parents? They must have invited her. If they haven’t heard of her, either, maybe she was a friend of Chloe’s or Theo’s. Perhaps they invited her too late to receive an invitation.”

“Maybe,” he muttered. “She hadn’t been at the church or I would have remembered,” he said quietly. “Thanks. We’ll all have to get together after they get back from their honeymoon.”

“Wonderful, but don’t you dare be a stranger while they’re away!”

“I won’t,” Akis promised, but his mind was on the woman he’d asked to dance last night. He could have sworn there’d been feelings between them. Sparks. Some nuance of chemistry that had happened immediately while they were on the sidewalk and wouldn’t leave him alone. Yet she’d run off this morning.

No matter what, he intended to find her. It bothered him that she’d given him the slip when she knew he wanted to get to know her better. Maybe it was his pride that made him want to prove she had feelings for him, too. One thing was certain. He wasn’t going to let her disappear on him.

Without wasting another moment, he phoned Chloe’s house. The housekeeper said she’d put through the call to Chloe’s father because Kyria Milonis was occupied.

The more Akis thought about it, the more he decided this woman had to be a friend of Chloe’s. Otherwise Theo would have talked about her long before now. He wouldn’t have been able to help himself because even if he was head over heels in love with Chloe, this Ginger, or whoever she was, stood out from the rest.

Why had she sat at the last table near the doors last night? It was almost as if she hadn’t wanted to be seen. Her behavior was a mystery to him. Vasso would be shocked by the strength of his brother’s desire to find the tantalizing female. Nothing like this had ever happened before. No one was more shocked than Akis himself. In case she’d be leaving Athens soon, he had to work fast.

“Akis, my boy!” came the booming voice of Chloe’s father. “Great to hear from you! We’re going to miss the kids. The place feels empty. Come on over to the house for lunch. My wife will be thrilled. We’ll eat by the pool.”

The perfect place to vet Chloe’s parents. “I’ll be there soon, Socus. Thank you.”

* * *

After getting settled on a patio lounger by the pool with her leg raised, Raina smiled at Chloe’s mother who hovered around her like her grandmother used to do. She loved her friend’s parents and drew great comfort from being with them. They couldn’t seem to do enough for her.

“We were always sorry that you didn’t come to live with us after Chloe’s school year with you ended. It was all Chloe had talked about.”

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