The Others (Haunted From Without - Book One)


Would Peter and Susie really be able to answer the fundamental question homo sapiens had been asking since they had developed the ability to think?

Before getting out of the car and wandering down to sit on a bench beside the sea, Peter had spent half an hour reading email on his mobile.

Hundreds of new emails had arrived over night in response to his questionnaire. A floodgate had been opened, and now people all over the world were rushing to tell Peter and Susie the secrets that until now no one had wanted to openly discuss.

And just like yesterday, a common theme ran through them all: Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, and Dianzapol and Serantopex.

Peter opened the packet of Dianzapol and read the information and instructions contained inside.

Two important points stood out.

Firstly, a noted side effect of the drug was hallucinations. It didn't elaborate on the types of hallucinations, but Peter could guess what they were: people were seeing ghosts.

Secondly, these drugs should not be taken by pregnant women.

Peter found that curious. How many younger women would actually get Parkinson's? Until now, he had always thought Parkinson's was a disease that only old people got. Obviously not.

Unfortunately for Susie this meant that for now she would not be able to see and speak with her brother. Peter would forbid her to take the drugs.

A bird flew overhead, its squawking ringing in his ears. For a moment, the sound reminded him of the noise he had heard uttered by the ghostly presence in his new home: 'help'.

His thoughts flipped back to the house in North Berwick, and being haunted by Maciek.

How could he help an evil spirit that he could not even hear or see?

Peter looked down at the box of tablets in his hand.

His eyes opened wide, and his jaw dropped open.

And then Peter laughed.

In an instant, Peter knew the answer.

Potentially, it was so simple.


A glass of water, and two Dianzapol for several days, and then 'hey presto', Peter would be able to see the dead for himself.

And the first person that Peter wanted to meet was Maciek: a serial killer, ghost and Peter's erstwhile saviour.

There was a lot that they had to discuss.


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I hope you have enjoyed the story so far.

Or is it just 'a story'?

How much of it is actually based on truth?

Do 'the Others' exist?

And what about Genetically Modified food and seeds: are they as dangerous as this story suggests?

What will happen to Debbie McCrae? Will she be killed by her captor?

Who is her captor?

When Peter takes Dianzapol, will he develop the ability to speak to ghosts?

Discover what happens when Peter uncovers the biggest terrorist threat the world has ever seen. Will he be too late to save London and the United Kingdom?

Will Susie ever discover who Peter is?

Does Susie have a twin brother who is still alive? Will she meet him?

And what is in the mysterious file that William Ralston had died trying to protect? Is there a conspiracy between the world's largest GM companies to stop Peter discovering and revealing the truth? What lengths will they go to stop him?

Is Susie and Peter's house in North Berwick really haunted?

Will Peter meet Maciek? If so, what will happen when they meet?

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