The Rebel

By: Victoria Purman

‘You were in on this, too?’

‘Yes,’ and there were tears in her mother’s eyes. ‘I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.’

Cooper loaded the rest of the suitcases and slipped into the front passenger seat.

Cooper raised an eyebrow. ‘I think your mom officially likes me now, Maggie Mac.’

Serena started the car. ‘Just a little.’ She smiled in the rear-view mirror and Maggie suddenly didn’t feel dizzy anymore. This was her family: Evan, her mom and Cooper. Cooper Malone. The one she thought had got away. Her friend. Her fiancé. Soon to be her husband. And together, they were heading down under for a wedding. Their wedding!

Cooper turned in his seat. ‘Everyone ready?’ He looked back at Maggie with a loving smile.

‘FIZZY!’ Evan shrieked. Serena put the car back into park.

‘Where is he?’ Maggie said, reaching for her son.

‘He’s under my bed. He was hiding there because he was scared of the plane.’ Evan’s bottom lip began to quiver.

‘Hey, mate,’ Cooper reached over the back seat and patted his knee. ‘Quickly, let’s go get him.’

Evan nodded solemnly, unclipped his seat belt, opened his door and scampered up the path. Cooper hobbled after him.

‘I can’t believe this is all happening, Mom.’

‘You deserve it all, Maggie.’

‘I’m so glad you’re coming with us. I can’t believe Cooper thought to ask you.’

‘He’s a keeper, that Australian,’ Serena said as she wiped her tears.

Cooper and Evan slipped back into their seats. Fizzy the beloved koala was tucked tightly under Evan’s arm.

‘Okay, family,’ Maggie announced with a little drum roll on the back of the driver’s seat. ‘Can we go now?’

‘Back-seat driver,’ Cooper grinned.

‘When will we get there?’ Evan asked.

Maggie couldn’t wait for their new adventure to begin.

The End

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