The Rich List Series

By: Talia Hunter

It had been too long since he’d taken a woman to bed. He’d had offers, but after Megan, the manager he’d started out with, had taken off with all his earnings, he’d become mistrustful of what people wanted from him. At least with Ally, it would be a straightforward financial transaction with no complications — except for having to act like Thomas instead of being able to enjoy her gorgeous body at will.

If only Ally wasn’t so damn edible. He rubbed her foot harder, and on impulse bent over, bought her cherry-red toes to his lips, and blew gently under the arch of her foot. She squirmed. Ticklish? She let out a sound that was half giggle, half moan. A sound that tightened every muscle in his body and made his blood surge.

He nibbled up the inside of her calf to her knee, where he softly flicked the tip of his tongue into the fold of her leg. Then he moved to her thigh. He kissed her soft, sensitive skin and she grabbed the edge of the couch, squeezing it hard enough that her knuckles went white. Her head fell back, her eyes closed. She drew in a loud breath.

“Stop.” Her voice trembled, but the command was firm.

He sat back and bit off a curse.

“Did I give you permission to kiss me?” she demanded.

He breathed deep. Thomas. He had to be Thomas. “I apologize, Mistress.” He hated using the word Mistress, but speaking in Thomas’s voice made it easier to detach himself from what he was saying. Max wasn’t sorry about kissing her thigh, not when he’d caught a faint whiff of her delectable scent and his cock had swelled rock hard. And not when her gray eyes had lightened to the color of a winter sky – a sign, he suspected, that she was every bit as turned on as he was.

“I have a punishment for you.” She spread her legs wider so he had a better view of her black panties. Between her thighs, the fabric had darkened. She was damp. The sight made his stiff cock throb. Hell! How come she was sending him off the Richter scale so easily? Ally was beautiful, yes, but he’d slept with equally attractive women who hadn’t made his body react like this. He’d been dreading having to act submissive, but maybe being forced to hold back was actually stoking his fire.

“Yes, Mistress.” This time it wasn’t so difficult to say the word. The tough part was keeping his hands by his sides and not running them up her long legs. Or even better, kissing up her thighs and ripping her panties off with his teeth.

She must have sensed he was struggling to keep from touching her. “Sit on your hands,” she ordered. “I’m going to make you keep control.”

He did what he was told and she spread her legs even wider. She rucked her skirt up and he caught his breath. She wouldn’t… would she?

She moved her hand to her panties. She glided one finger across the thin fabric, rested it for a moment on top of her mound, then moved it between her thighs. She traced a line around her opening using the tip of her finger, slowly exploring her sex. She moved up to linger over her clit, rubbing in slow circles. Her panties were dark with her juices, the wet fabric clinging to her. She moaned, stroking herself.

Max clenched his jaw, clamping his teeth to stop himself from making a sound. Only the fact that he was sitting on his hands kept him from touching her. His cock was so hard it ached.

After only a minute, her hand stilled. Her luminous eyes glowed behind half-lowered lids. “Do you like what you see?”

“Yes,” he managed, his voice strained with lust. Fuck yes.

“Good.” Her legs closed.


“I didn’t say you could speak.”

He made a sound of protest through clamped teeth, but she ignored it.

She stood up, smoothed her skirt down, and slipped her feet back into her shoes. “Do I have the job?”

What the hell? She couldn’t leave him like this! He could have sworn she wanted to take it further as much as he did. He rose swiftly and caught her around the waist, pulling her to him. Her body molded against his. She let her head fall back, parted her lips and her lovely eyes widened with surprise. She moved her hands to his chest, but she didn’t push him away. Max pulled her tight against him, locking her small shape against his hardness until she gasped. Can you feel what you’ve done to me?

For an instant he was tempted to bend his head and claim her mouth. But no domme would thank him for doing that without permission. And did women in her profession have a rule against kissing on the lips? Or was that prostitutes— maybe it was just something he’d seen in a movie?

Her hands hardened against his chest, and with an effort he loosened his grip on her waist.

She stepped backward, her cheeks flushed. “I’m in charge. You don’t get to do that unless I say.”

She was right. Max didn’t invite her here to make love to her, but to become Thomas. He’d let himself get carried away, but it wouldn’t happen again. From now on he’d stay completely in control, even if he had to stand awkwardly because his cock felt like it was five times its normal size.

He clenched his fists with the effort of forcing himself to push his desire away. It helped to not look at her flushed face and bright eyes. Her chest was heaving with shallow breaths, and he had to will his gaze from her breasts, barely hidden in a white lace bra under that translucent blouse.

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