The Rich List Series

By: Talia Hunter

In comparison, The Gee Spot looked downright friendly, and so did the two women in front of him. In spite of her untidy clothes, Abby was by far the most appealing dominatrix he’d found so far. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders in a messy blonde tumble and her nose had an upturned tip that made her look too cute to be a dominatrix. But even the casual way she dressed couldn’t disguise her Marilyn Monroe figure, curvy enough to turn cute into sexy.

Casual dress? He looked more closely and saw the reddish splatter wasn’t actually part of the T-shirt design. Max suppressed a smile, imagining how horrified Walter would be. Walter was a legend in the movie business and Max was lucky to have him for his manager, but Walter had been around a long time. In his day starlets were always dressed up in long frocks and had elaborate hairdos.

The actresses Max worked with usually wore thick makeup, with microskirts and plunging necklines that left nothing to the imagination. They hadn’t figured out that hinting at something was far sexier than putting it out on show. Take Ally’s T-shirt for example. The way the faded cotton clung to her breasts then draped over her waist made up for any amount of stains.

Geena was unusual too, with bright pink hair and a fitted red dress that clashed. She had a nice smile, and was pretty enough, but she didn’t draw his gaze like Ally did.

“How long have you been a dominatrix?” he asked Ally.

“Not long.”

Although she only came up to his shoulder, something about the way she stood made her seem tall — or maybe it was the tilt of her head while she eyed him? Max had gotten used to women acting starstruck around him, wanting his autograph and a selfie. Sometimes they went a little crazy, pressing against him or offering him their breasts to sign. Ally was the opposite. She had her arms crossed and a wary look in her cool gray eyes. There was an adorable hint of freckles across her upturned nose, but he hadn’t seen her smile yet. He got the feeling that a smile from her was something he’d have to earn. He didn’t mind that. He’d found the things that didn’t come easy were worth a lot more.

“Do you specialize in anything?” he asked.

She glanced at Geena. “No, I pretty much do everything, you know, equally.”

Max frowned. Did she offer something really kinky she didn’t want to admit to — was that why she’d evaded the question?

“She’s being too modest.” Geena tapped her long, painted nails on the store counter. “She has some regular, very dedicated slaves. Totally devoted, they are. It’s Mistress Ally this, and Mistress Ally that. They can’t do enough for her.”

Ally shrugged one shoulder in a gesture that could be a confirmation. Although she was nothing like the other sex workers he’d interviewed, she had a calm authority to her, like she had nothing to prove to anyone. If she could project that kind of confidence in denim shorts and a dirty T-shirt, he could only imagine what she’d be like in one of the shiny skintight outfits the other dominatrices had worn. He wasn’t usually a fan of vinyl or latex, but he took a moment to imagine her dressed up, with her full lips stained dark red. Yeah, maybe she could change his mind about not finding shiny black outfits sexy.

“Thomas Barnes wasn’t a slave and Cora didn’t whip him or anything.” Max wanted to make that clear right off the bat. Bad enough having to let someone boss him around, he wasn’t about to give anyone permission to spank him.

“But Thomas was submissive?” asked Geena.

“You could call him that.” Max gritted his teeth. It meant that until shooting finished, he’d have to be submissive too, and the knowledge made him itch all over. He hadn’t gotten to where he was in his career by taking orders, and he didn’t understand why Thomas had let Cora walk all over him. Which was the problem. To play Thomas convincingly, he needed to get inside his head.

Max had always dreamed of being an actor, but even after graduating at the top of his acting class he’d known it would be tough — if not impossible — to stand out in a crowd of thousands of wannabes. He’d gone into modeling to build his brand, clawing his way to what he really wanted, one photo shoot at a time. He’d worked damn hard to make himself the absolute best at what he did and it had all finally paid off with this big break. So what if it was a minor studio with a small budget? His leading role in Mastery was his chance to prove what he could do. All he had to do now was to nail the part.

“So, what exactly would it mean if I took the job? What would you expect from me, on a day to day basis?” For the first time he caught an undercurrent of uncertainty in Ally’s voice. Bad sign. Cora Jensen had been a hurricane who’d enjoyed bending men to her will, and he needed someone with the same strength.

He’d been leaning against the store counter, but now he stood, ready to leave. Ally might be beautiful, but he didn’t have time to waste. Shooting started in a week, so if she wasn’t up to the job he needed to keep looking. “Forget it. If you’re not sure, I’ll find someone else.”

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