The Tycoon's Secret Affair

By: Maya Banks

His hands followed, his palms running the length of her body, tracing each curve, each indention on they settled on her hips. He tucked his thumbs underneath the thin string holding her underwear in place, and then he pressed his mouth to her soft mound still covered by transparent lace.

She cried out softly, unnerved by the electric sensation of his mouth over her most intimate place, and yet he hadn’t even made contact with her flesh.

His hands caressed their way down her legs, dragging the underwear with it. At her knees, he simply ripped impatiently, rending the material in two. He quickly discarded it and returned impatient fingers to her thighs.

Carefully, he spread her, and she began to shake in earnest.

“Don’t be afraid,” he murmured. “I’ll take care of you. Trust me tonight. You’re so beautiful. I want to give you the sweetest pleasure.”

“Yes. Please, yes,” she begged.

He kissed the inside of her knee. With a brush of his lips, he moved higher, kissing the inside of her thigh, and then finally brushing over the curls guarding her most sensitive regions.

With a gentle finger, he parted her. “Give me your pleasure, yineka mou. Only to me.” And then his mouth touched her. She bucked upward with a wild cry as his tongue delved deep. It was too much. It had been too long. Never had she reacted so strongly to a man.

“So responsive. So wild. I can’t wait to have you.”

He rolled away, and she gave a sharp protest until she saw he was only putting on a condom. Then he was back, spreading her thighs, stroking her to make sure she was ready for him.

“Take me. Make me yours,” she pleaded.

He closed his eyes, his fingers tight at her hips. He spread her wide and surged into her with one hard thrust.

Her shocked gasp spilled from her lips. Her fingers tightened at his shoulders, and she lay still, simply absorbing the rugged sensation of having him inside her.

His eyes flew open. “Did I hurt you?” he demanded harshly, the strain evident on his face as he held himself in check.

She touched his cheek, trying to soften the lines. His eyes glittered dangerously, and she realized just how close he was to the edge of his control. In that moment, she relished her power, and she wanted to taunt the beast. She wanted to experience the wildness she could see lurking beyond the iron facade.

“No,” she said softly. “You didn’t hurt me. I want you so much. Take me now. Don’t hold back.”

To emphasize her request, she dug her nails into his shoulders then lifted her hips in a move that lodged him deeper inside her.

He made one last effort to hold back, but she wouldn’t allow it. Wrapping her legs tightly around his waist, she arched into him, reaching for him, pulling him closer. She wanted him. She needed him.

He dropped down, surrendering with a growl. He gathered her close, fastening his lips to the vulnerable skin of her neck as his body took over. Harder and faster, his power overwhelmed her. There was a delicious mix of erotic pain and sensual bliss. Heaven. It wasn’t something she’d ever experienced before. It was like riding a hurricane.

“Let go,” he rasped in her ear. “You first.”

She complied without argument, surrendering completely to his will. Her orgasm flashed, terrifying and thrilling all at the same time. She spun wildly out of control, her cries mixing with his.

Then he was moving faster, and harder, driving into her with savage intensity. His lips fused to hers almost in a desperate attempt to staunch his own sounds, but they escaped, harsh and masculine.

Then he stilled inside her, his hips trembling uncontrollably against hers. He smoothed his hands, now gentle, over her face, through her hair and then he gathered her close, murmuring words she didn’t understand against her ear.

When his weight grew too heavy, he shifted to the side, pulling her into his arms. He slipped from the warm grasp of her body then rolled away from her for a moment to discard the condom.

She waited with breathless anticipation. Would he want her to leave now or would he want her to spend the night? She was too sated and boneless to even think about getting up, but neither did she want any awkward situations.

He answered her unspoken dilemma by pulling her back into his arms and tucking her head underneath his chin. A few moments later, his soft breathing blew through her hair. He had fallen asleep.

Cautiously so as not to awaken him, she curled her arm around his waist and snuggled deeper into his embrace. Her cheek rested against the hair-roughened skin of his chest, and she inhaled deeply, filling her nostrils with his male scent.

For the space of a stolen moment she felt safe. Accepted. Even cherished. It was silly if she dwelled on it, but tonight she wouldn’t. Tonight she just wanted to belong to someone and not to feel so alone in the world.

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