The Ultimate Treasure

By: Melody Anne

“I would think you have much more important things to do,” she told him.

Lance chuckled. “I buy and sell businesses, Lexie. I can do that from anywhere. I’m all yours for the next thirty days,” he said. His pants tightened even more. He was hers in more ways than one. She only had to accept what he was offering.

Lexie turned and looked out the window as the ground appeared farther and farther away. It was mid-November and many people had Christmas lights twinkling from their houses and fences, but they could no longer see them.

Lance hadn’t always been a big fan of the holidays but as his family had grown over the past five years, he’d started to appreciate it all a bit more. He was a little bummed to be missing a huge Thanksgiving spread where his siblings and cousins all came together with their kids. The chaos was great, in his opinion, which was something he never would have thought he’d enjoy. But he didn’t appreciate a quiet house now nearly as much as he once had.

Maybe he was getting old. At thirty-six, he shouldn’t be thinking that way. He had many years left to worry about the future, he assured himself. But the more he thought about Lexie, the more he felt his future wasn’t such a bad thing. Maybe he just needed to let go of what he had once thought was important and embrace a new journey.

He had never thought about a woman a year after he’d slept with her. But he still dreamed of Alexa Mills. He still woke up in a cold sweat because his dreams were so vivid he expected to reach out for her and finish what his dream had started.

There was a bedroom on his corporate jet. Maybe the two of them could make good use of it. The flight to the Philippines was long, and there wasn’t much to do after they had dinner.

“Lexie . . .” Lance began to say. She lifted her arm to motion as she often did when talking, and Lance got an icy cold bath as she knocked his drink right into his lap. Her eyes widened in horror as he sucked in his breath, unable to utter any sound other than a gurgle. She’d efficiently taken care of the pulsing in his pants as ice coated an area frozen cubes should never be allowed to touch.

Jumping from his seat, Lance brushed off the flight attendant who hurried to come over and help. At the same time, Lexie reached into her bag and came out with a handful of napkins.

“I’m so sorry,” she spluttered as she reached for him. Lance instantly hardened again as her hands came toward him. As much as he wanted her touching him there, she wasn’t doing it for the right reasons, and he feared the second her fingers landed on him, innocent or not, he was going to turn into a caveman and throw her over his shoulder to show her that bedroom he’d just been thinking about.

“I might have needed a cooling off,” Lance told her, his gaze burning into hers. She gasped and he had no doubt she’d gotten what he’d been saying because her eyes strayed down to his wet pants before flicking back up to his eyes.

Leaning over her, he enjoyed the desire he saw flicker into her eyes. He could kiss her right then and there, and she wouldn’t fight him. But she’d find an excuse later and accuse him of violating her. They had a month together without interruption. He had to be smart about this.

“I’d better go change,” he regretfully told her.

“You have clothes in here?” she asked. He was happy to see what appeared to be regret in her eyes when he pulled away.

“We’re leaving for a month. Of course I have extra clothes,” he told her with a chuckle.

She glared at him. “I know you have extra clothes, I just meant that mine are packed in a bag below,” she said.

“I keep extras inside. I travel often,” he told her. Then he turned and left, making his way to his empty bedroom. His gaze strayed to the bed and an instant image of the two of them entwined on top of the covers, their bodies sweating, their cries merging, had him so hard he was barely able to get his pants off.

This was going to be a long flight.

Chapter Three

Lexie didn’t let out a breath of air until she heard the soft click of a door close after Lance disappeared down the hallway of the jet. How big was this plane? She was incredibly curious, but not enough to follow him. Not that the thought of doing so was completely abhorrent.

She sat in her plush chair, sipping on her newly refreshed drink, feeling a buzz roll through her system as she imagined him sliding those wet slacks down his muscled thighs, then hooking his thumbs into the tight waistband of his underwear and peeling them down his legs. She remembered those legs. She remembered well what was at the junction of them.

Closing her eyes, she thought about that magical night after her sister’s wedding. Lance had been so handsome in his dark suit, his bright eyes gleaming, that flirtatious mouth smiling — and she’d fallen hard for his charm. It hadn’t even taken alcohol to influence her. She’d had a little at the wedding, but she’d been fully aware of her decision to accompany him to his room.

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