The Ultimate Treasure

By: Melody Anne

She couldn’t regret their night together. It had been unbelievable. She’d lost count of how many times the man had made her come with his thick package, his unbelievably magic fingers, and that divine mouth of his. He’d touched every square inch of her body, and when they’d both been too exhausted to do it one more time, she’d fallen into a dreamless sleep in his arms.

She’d woken in the early morning hours, her body tangled in his, her heart immediately racing. She’d barely been able to see the outline of his face, of his relaxed lips that almost appeared to be in a smile, but the thump in her heart at being there with him had scared her.

Her father had been a violent man, abusive and domineering. She’d promised herself she’d never get trapped into marriage, and one night with Lance had made her hear wedding bells in her head. She was sure it hadn’t helped that she’d had the best sexual night of her life right after a beautiful wedding where her sister had made an exquisite bride, but it had scared her enough to untangle herself, grab her clothes, and sneak off before the sun rose in the sky. She’d then had to do the walk of shame through the posh hotel.

She’d seen Lance several times after that night, but she’d kept herself aloof, telling him nothing could come of the two of them. It was easier to stay with her convictions when she wasn’t miles high in the sky, getting ready to fly to a foreign country away from her sister and her friends. What was she going to do if he put on his full charm? She wasn’t sure she could resist him, because she wanted him just as badly as he appeared to want her.

Lexie tried to fill her mind with the dozens of women she was sure he’d been with after her. That thought only made her achingly jealous and made her want to stake her claim. But she didn’t have a claim on Lance. He wasn’t hers, and she certainly wasn’t his. Even if they were going to be working on this project together, they wouldn’t be with each other night and day. They’d be busy and exhausted, and she was sure she’d hardly see him. That would make it so much easier. She just had to survive this plane ride and then she’d be back to her normal self.

Lexie didn’t hear the bedroom door open or close, didn’t hear Lance’s footsteps approach, but she felt him in the room with her again, felt that tug that ran through her entire system seconds before he sat down next to her. She couldn’t help but look over at him.

Lance was spectacularly stunning when wearing a suit and tie, but in a pair of old college sweats and a tight T-shirt, the man had her panting. She lifted her drink to gain more liquid courage only to find it empty. It was as if the flight attendant was on call, because he was there offering her a fresh glass before she managed to set her empty one down.

She should tell the attendant she’d had enough, but she had a feeling the entire bottle couldn’t calm her as long as she was in the same vicinity as Lance. She couldn’t make eye contact with him anymore. She feared she’d do something stupid like jump from her seat and straddle him if she did, so instead, she focused on the little side table next to her as her fingernails drummed the smooth surface.

“I made sure to have some comfortable clothes brought in for you since we have such a long flight,” Lance said, his voice startling her out of her thoughts.

“How did you know what size?” she asked, then felt her cheeks heat as she met his gaze and his eyes traveled over her form.

“I’d say I’m pretty familiar with your body,” he told her with a wink.

Her heated flesh became uncomfortably hot, and she wished for a fan to cool herself. He had touched every inch of her with his fingers and mouth, but it had been over a year since that night. He had surely forgotten by now. The look in his eyes told her he hadn’t.

“Thank you. That was considerate,” she said, hating the breathless sound to her voice.

Thankfully they were interrupted as delicious salads were set before them. The flight attendant told them their main course would be out soon.

Lexie dove into her food like it was a lifeline and had a stilted conversation with Lance, who didn’t seem to notice her increasingly stressed mood. She’d been so excited to go on this adventure and now she wasn’t sure she’d last a day, let alone a month. She had to keep reminding herself that once they were on the ground, she’d be free of Lance.

But the thought of being so close to him, but not close enough, was almost more torture than she could handle. She really needed to make up her mind. She’d only been with two men in her life, and that included Lance. It wasn’t as if she had a ton of sexual experience, but she almost wished she could be that girl who had a tawdry affair without it affecting her emotionally.

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