The Ultimate Treasure

By: Melody Anne

Sex was soothing for the soul, wasn’t it? Maybe if she could convince herself that it wouldn’t be as emotional for her as it had been the last time, she could undo her pants and feel the magic only Lance could bring.

But even as she had that thought, she pushed it away. She wasn’t a foolish girl, and she knew better than to think such a thing. He’d affected her that night in a way she hadn’t been able to forget. For her to think she could get away with having sex with him again without emotional consequences was a foolish notion.

Their dinner was finished and, with a full stomach and a slightly light head, Lexie felt the blissful awareness of sleepiness. If she could sleep the flight away she wouldn’t have the damnable internal battle that wouldn’t stop plaguing her. They were less than two hours into the flight and still had one stop and fifteen hours to go.

She accepted another vodka and tonic as she leaned back and closed her eyes. But her heart pounded as she thought about Lance being only two feet away from her. She could reach out, run her fingers over his hard thighs . . .

“Why don’t you take advantage of the comfortable clothes in the back? You can even lie down in the bed for a while if you want,” Lance said, his tone darkening as he said bed. Her heart thudded in response.

“I think I will,” she told him with a squeak. She reached for her seat belt and her fingers were trembling so badly she wasn’t able to get the dang latch undone. Without saying anything, Lance reached over and unclicked it, the back of his fingers rubbing against her thighs.

On trembling legs, Lexie stood up, praying there wouldn’t be turbulence to knock her back down, and she turned to walk away. She had no idea where she was heading. But she felt Lance’s hot breath on the back of her neck as she made her way down a long hallway with several doors. She wanted to ask how large the jet was, but she didn’t.

A door was in the middle of the wall at the end of the hallway, and he reached around her, his body brushing her back as he hit the handle and pushed it open. She didn’t move, relishing the feel of his body rubbing against hers for only a few fleeting seconds.

“The closet to the left of the bed has some items hanging. The drawers have clothing in them, too. The bathroom has toiletries, and you’re free to take a shower if you want,” he said, his hot breath brushing her ear, causing a shudder to run through her. She had no doubt he’d felt it.

Lance stood in the doorway for several seconds as she moved forward, her gaze straying to the large bed in the center of the room. If she had forgotten they were on a plane, she’d have thought this was a hotel room. It was larger than her apartment bedroom. The carpet was lush, the cabinets beautiful, and there were so many storage areas; she wished she had something similar.

The click of the door closing was a relief. She turned to make sure he was gone and then backed up and plopped down on the bed before her knees gave out and she ended up on the floor where she wasn’t so sure she’d be able to get back up again.

Lexie didn’t care how long she sat there. She didn’t move until her breathing and heart rate were under control. The flight had barely begun and she was already a mess. It was an omen of a very long trip. With reluctance she stood, hating that her legs were still shaky.

Looking in the closet, she was shocked at how many clothes were available. She glanced at the tags and saw they were all her size. He’d been exactly right. She’d be able to change into a pair of yoga pants and comfortable top for the flight, then change into a new outfit of jeans and a sweater when they arrived.

When she opened a drawer and found delicate lace panties and bras she was horrified to see the sheerness and the coveted lingerie brand name. Those sizes were exactly right as well, which brought an image of his hands cupping her full breasts rushing through her mind.

She decided a shower was exactly what she needed. There was no way she was lying down in a bed that smelled like Lance, though. Her body could only be put through so much turmoil before she completely lost it.

Lexie took a hot shower in the surprisingly large bathroom and then took her time putting on lotion before she changed into the casual clothes. When she’d procrastinated long enough, she made her way back to the front of the plane where Lance was sitting comfortably, typing on a computer. The tray tables had been removed, leaving just the side table, complete with a refreshed drink. She also noticed how close their chairs were to each other. Should she move? No. That would tell him exactly how much his presence was affecting her.

She sat stiffly for a bit before she felt his gaze on her. Turning, the intensity in his eyes stunned her. His computer was forgotten as he lifted a hand and brushed a tendril of her damp hair away from her face. Lexie found herself wanting to run her tongue out and taste his fingertip that rubbed along her cheek before disappearing.

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