The Ultimate Treasure

By: Melody Anne

“I love that smell on you,” he murmured. Her favorite lotion had been in the bathroom.

“How did you get everything exactly right?” she asked. She wasn’t going to say the bras and panties fit perfectly. He grinned at her.

“I might have called your sister,” he admitted.

Lexie decided right then and there, even though she loved Savvy, she would certainly have to kill her. Savvy had known she’d be going away with Lance and she hadn’t warned her. What a traitor. They’d been in the bar for hours, and Savvy had been moaning and groaning about her leaving when she’d been aware of not only her departure, but of the fact that Lance was going as well.

“I’m going to have to talk to Savs,” Lexie said with a clear threat in her tone.

Lance laughed. “Don’t be too hard on her. She wanted this to be an amazing trip for you,” he said, defending the traitor.

“She was complaining that I was going,” she said.

“If she wouldn’t have done so, then you might have grown suspicious,” he pointed out.

“Suspicious of what?” she asked.

“That this might be a setup,” he told her with a wink.

“Is this a setup?” she boldly asked.

“Maybe,” he said, not even trying to hide his enthusiasm at it being just that.

“Yeah, my sister and I are definitely having a talk,” she said.

Lance laughed again before he stood and leaned over her. Lexie decided she would allow a single kiss. That wouldn’t hurt, she told herself. But he smiled again as if he could read her thoughts then reached over the side of her seat as he scooted back.

Her chair reclined and a footstool came out. Lance backed away and reached into a cupboard, pulling out a thick down blanket. The disappointment filtering through her was a shock. She didn’t seem to know what it was she wanted.

“The blanket is warm,” she said with appreciation as she pulled it around her.

“It was sitting in a heated cupboard,” he told her.

Oh, this was most certainly the way to fly.

“You’ve spoiled me for ever flying in a regular plane again,” she said, but there was zero heat in her words. Between the food, alcohol, and warmth of her seat, she was already giving in to exhaustion.

“That’s the plan,” she thought she heard him say, but she was already drifting off. Her last thought was that it was too bad he hadn’t tried for that kiss.

Chapter Four

The sun was slowly brightening the jet as fresh morning rays crept in through the window slats. Lance was leaning back in his chair while Lexie mumbled in her sleep, her head cradled against his chest as she shifted, her body seeking his in sleep. She’d been that way for the past couple hours, and Lance hadn’t wanted to stir an inch for fear she’d wake and realize what she was doing.

She began growing more restless, and he knew she wouldn’t sleep much longer, but they’d soon begin their descent into Manila, and he knew she’d want some time to change and get ready.

Unable to resist, he ran his hand across her high cheekbone and brushed her hair away from her face. She looked so peaceful in sleep. He hadn’t been allowed the opportunity to enjoy the feel of her in his arms the one night they’d spent together. He’d woken to find her gone.

He’d often wondered if he’d been the first to wake, would things have worked out differently? Would they have made love again and then had a leisurely breakfast in bed before taking a walk together on the beach?

Lance wasn’t normally one to think about what might have been, but when it came to Lexie he often wondered. He enjoyed her body, but he was also enthralled by her wit and charm. She was strong and stubborn and so damn beautiful. He couldn’t find a single flaw in her. Lance didn’t think it possible to find something that would make her less desirable in his eyes.

That was something new for him as well. He was normally better at finding problems with a potential partner than positive attributes. He’d been picky most of his life, but that was why he’d been able to accept his father’s challenge so much easier than his siblings had been able to do. He had always liked a challenge. When he’d gotten over his initial anger, he’d gone with it fully and had surpassed his father’s expectations, and his own.

Lance wanted this quiet piece of time with Lexie to last forever, but he knew the moment she was awake she would pull away from him and close up. For a few seconds she snuggled tighter against him, and he felt her body stir as she inhaled a deep breath. Then her body stiffened, and he ached as she pulled away.

Putting his chair into a seated position, he watched as her eyes fluttered and opened and then he felt that sense of peace again as they gazed at one another. A physical pang rushed through him at the need to reach for her, pull her into his lap, and hold her close. And he might have been able to get away with it for a few minutes, but he also knew it wouldn’t last too long before she began easing away.

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