The Ultimate Treasure

By: Melody Anne

It really was too bad, but he reminded himself they were only at the beginning of their journey. They had a long way to go before they were back in the States where it would be easier for her to run from him.

“We’re landing in about an hour. You can change and have breakfast with me,” he suggested. He hadn’t used his voice all night and there was a low growl to it. He felt a bit of pride at the desire flashing in her eyes.

Reaching up, he scratched his chin where stubble was poking through. He didn’t shave every day when he came to work at one of his non-profits. It was nice to put on a worn pair of jeans, feel dirt on his hands, and let himself go a little.

“Thanks,” she mumbled. Then she jumped up and practically ran away. Lance didn’t mind the view of her exiting — not one bit, especially in yoga pants that hugged her curvy ass to perfection. Damn, he wanted to squeeze those fit cheeks of hers while she sat on him and they went for a ride together.

Lance cleaned up in another bathroom and by the time he finished, Lexie was out of the master bedroom. He went in and changed, then returned to sit with her where she was quieter than normal as they shared breakfast.

Lexie wouldn’t look at him as the plane began descending, and he wondered if he’d overestimated his appeal with the woman. Was she freaked because of how she’d awoken, or was she truly horrified at spending so much time with him? He would find out sooner rather than later — because the two of them would be sharing a residence once they arrived. He’d rather they shared a room, but he wasn’t going to push her that far — at least not yet.

Their landing was smooth, and Lance led her from the plane to a waiting car. He took the keys as his staff loaded their bags, including the items he’d bought for her — especially those delicate panties he wanted her to put on so he could then turn around and rip them off.

“Are you ready to see your home for the next thirty days?” Lance asked when they were alone in the small SUV.

“Yes, of course. I can’t wait to dive into things,” she said.

He hoped she still felt the same way when they arrived. The drive from the airport took about an hour, and though Lance had been to the place many times in the past few years, he still couldn’t get over the beauty of the country. It was Lexie’s first trip there, and her eyes were glued to her window as she tried to take it all in.

When they pulled up to the modest house on the outskirts of the small village his company had put so much time and money into, Lexie smiled in delight. She turned to look at him, for once without her guard up.

“Is this the place?” she asked.

Lance looked at the house, trying to see it through her eyes. It was so much smaller than his house back home, but it was quaint: a two-bedroom place, only about a thousand square feet with a small attached garage. He had crew members year-round in the area, and they often used the residence. She looked at it as though it were a mansion.

“I thought I’d be in a tent,” she said with a chuckle. “I was prepared for that, and didn’t mind at all. I am a bit of a baby when it comes to plumbing though,” she admitted.

“Let me give you the grand tour,” he suggested.

“Where are you staying?” she asked him as they stepped from the vehicle and walked up the short path to the front door. He decided to ignore her question for at least a few minutes. He would let her freak out about their living situation soon enough.

He opened the door, and she forgot the question as she smiled at each little thing in the place. It was modestly furnished with no television, but he’d installed satellite Internet as he couldn’t go without it for more than a day at most. Sometimes he wished he could, but he feared the world really would fall apart without him. Maybe that was a little bit of an ego stroke, but he liked to think that way.

“You’ll be sleeping here,” he said as he opened the door to a small bedroom with a queen-size bed taking up most of the room. She smiled as if she’d won a lottery as she practically glided inside the room and sat on the bed, the mattress giving her a bit of a bounce. He hadn’t skimped on cheap sleeping arrangements. Lance had once been told the average person spent a third of their life in bed. To him, that made it worth the investment in high-quality bedding.

“This is perfect, Lance, just perfect. I promised my sister I would only be gone a month, but this place is so much better than my apartment. I might never want to go back,” she said with a laugh. “I haven’t seen a real wood stove in what feels like a million years. I can’t wait to get a fire started.”

“It’s a bit warm for fires,” he pointed out. Though back home it was cold and dreary, here it was in the seventies, and expected to get warmer before they left.

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