The Virgin Romance Novelist

By: Meghan Quinn

“You’re so beautiful,” he squeaked out, just as he stiffened under me.

That was all I needed, together, we both fell over the edge and thrusted into each other, riding out our orgasm until there was nothing left.

My body flopped on top of his while he shucked the condom and cock ring to the ground. It was a habit I was not fond of, but that could be fixed by birth control or a waste basket next to the bed, simple.

Henry’s hands ran up and down my back as he kissed my shoulder, slowly bringing me back to the present.

“Is that going to make the book?” Henry asked me, full of hope.

“That is definitely going to make the book.”

“What else can we try?” he asked, making me laugh.

“How about we take a break for a second?”

“Come on, you know Virginia wants more.”

He was right, because Virginia was sending me her keegle sign for yes at a rapid pace, but I tamped her down. She couldn’t make all the decisions.

“She does, but give her at least a few minutes.”

“Fair enough,” Henry said, while kissing along my jaw. I knew exactly what he was trying to do, and damn if it wasn’t working.

Pressing against his chest, I lifted myself up and looked Henry in the eyes. “I love you, Henry.”

His eyes softened as he gripped my cheek with his hand. “I love you, Rosie. More than anything.”

And just like that, I had my happily ever after, and so did Virginia and Poseidon.

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