The Virgin Romance Novelist

By: Meghan Quinn

The wool of my skirt was rather itchy, so I decided in order to test my sexuality, I had to be comfortable. With that solid idea, I tore off my skirt and tucked in button up shirt and put on a long, oversized shirt that had a giant cat on the front. Yeah, I liked a free shirt from work; I was okay with it. Shucking my underwear, I tossed it into my hamper with the skillful deft of my big toe and fist pumped the air while I made my way to the bed.

The bed squeaked as I sat down and got into position, which basically was me flopping around on my bed like a whale until I was comfortable. I scooted the gift bag onto the floor and grabbed the vibrator in my right hand, thinking I would use it more skillfully with my dominant hand.

Carefully, I examined the little mechanism and turned it on. It shook in my hand, making me giggle at how powerful the actual thing was for being so small.

“I guess size really doesn’t matter,” I said to myself, as I closed my eyes and brought the bullet down to my vagina. I hovered over my lady area for a good couple of minutes, wondering if the bullet was going to turn off from no action.

“I can do this,” I said as I took a deep breath and spread my legs wide on the bed so they were almost hanging off each side. The wider the better, I suppose.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I spoke to no one, as my other hand rested on my forehead. “Just do it,” I chastised.

Gritting my teeth, I gripped the bullet with my index finger and thumb and inserted the bullet into my vagina. Thank God for tampons, because I was easily able to locate the hole. Vibrations instantly ran through my lower half, making me squeal.

“Oh God, this is weird,” I spoke to no one, as I made little in and out thrusts with the bullet. “This should really be bigger; I can barely get it in there.”

I continued to make little insertions. I could only think about what my vagina must be thinking right now, as if I was trying to play whack a mole with it. I started to giggle as I thought about winning the game against my vagina.

I found it easier to insert as the vibrations started to grow on me. I wondered if it was because I was starting to get turned on. Was I wet downstairs? It was quite slick, was I turning myself on? The mere thought made me shudder. I’d never masturbated before, so I had no clue what to expect when it came to feeling up my own vagina. Was I doing it right?

I didn’t think I was because the bullet barely went inside.

I wonder…

Taking a deep breath, I pressed the bullet all the way inside of my vagina, until I felt it was fully inserted. Instantly a sweat started to break out along my skin from the vibration inside my vaginal canal.

“Oh, sweet Jesus,” I said, as my hands started to grip my bed sheets.

The bullet not only vibrated continuously, but it also pulsed in different patterns that my vagina was starting to memorize and tense up with each shock from the bullet, to the point that I started to feel uncomfortable.

Wanting to go back to my mini thrusts, I went to grab the bullet from my vagina, but was stopped when I couldn’t even feel it because it was too far up.

“Oh, my God!” I sat up in fear as my vagina started to contract from the sensations.

Panic washed over me as I went to try to grab it again, this time, trying to push it out using my vaginal muscles, but all that happened was a threat of pushing something else out, so I stopped immediately and looked around my room for something to help me.

On my desk, next to my bed, was a ruler which I grabbed and eyed the sharp edges. No, I wasn’t ready to gouge the damn thing out, so I put down the ruler and looked around my room some more, all the while continuing to panic over the lodged vibrator in my pleasure hole.

Maybe there were forceps in the gift bag or instructions, I thought, as I reached down just as a pulse ran up my spine from the bullet.

“Mother of pearl!” I screeched as I fell to the floor, scrambling around for the bag. I tipped it upside down, but nothing came out. “Damn it,” I swore as another pulse shook my entire uterus.

Sweat continued to form on my skin, as I thought about the consequences of having a vibrator stuck in my vagina; this could not be happening. I was not about to go to the doctor to have him pull a vibrator out of me, so I stood up, lifted my shirt up so I could look at what I was doing and spread my legs like a Sumo wrestler.

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