The Wicked Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

And I fingered my ID card nervously, the plastic suddenly feeling like a weight around my neck, a rock dragging me down in the ocean. I was going to drown come hell or high water, might as well tell the truth. Besides, I’m not sure what it was but I felt curiously compelled to obey this imposing stranger. Maybe it was his magnetic presence, the way he was so commanding, the authority in his voice, ringing strong and true. So I answered honestly this time.

“I’m Tammy Jones,” I whispered to the floor, not looking in his eyes. “Please don’t tell anyone. Please don’t tell my boss because I really need this job.”

And the handsome man just threw his head back and laughed again, so hard this time it was positively insulting.

“Oh honey, I think it’s too late for that,” he drawled, his face breaking into a smile. “Because I am your boss. Don’t you work for Luxor Corp.? I’m Nick Martin, CEO and Chairman.”

And I gasped again. CEO and Chairman? This man was definitely my boss, if not my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss. And one thing was certain, absolutely crystal clear. I was fired, beyond a doubt.



The shock on the brunette’s face was flattering, her eyes growing wide, her breasts heaving up and down with quick indrawn gasps.

“CEO?” she whispered weakly. “Chairman?”

I nodded.

“Yep, always have been,” I said with a hint smugness to my voice. “In fact I founded Luxor, have been CEO since I was twenty-five when this place was nothing more than me and a couple admin staff.”

And the girl grew white as a sheet then.

“I’m so sorry,” she mumbled, “I know what you saw wasn’t … professional,” she choked, “but … but …”

“But there’s no excuse, is there?” I finished smoothly, hiding my amusement. “There’s no excuse for masturbating out in the open. You didn’t even lock the restroom door,” I chided her gently.

The girl went from sheet white to beet red. I loved the brunette’s coloring, the way she was so sensitive to everything I said, her expressions open, trusting, like reading a book. She couldn’t even lie worth shit and I ate it up, her innocence and naiveté refreshing, like a cake to be devoured whole.

Because life had just given me an opening and I was going to use it. I didn’t get to where I am by being the nice guy and letting other folks take the lead. I got to where I am by being the aggressor, pressing every advantage, working every angle and an amazing opportunity had just landed on my doorstep.

“So is this what you do to uphold the Luxor name?” I drawled, my voice a low growl, like a predator teasing its prey. “You touch yourself when you think no one’s looking?”

“Yes! I mean no!” cried the girl, flushing again, her boobs heaving up and down, fingering her ID card nervously. “It’s just been stressful like I said, I have so much work and I’m in school full-time too, it’s really rough, I needed some release.”

My eyebrows shot up.

“Well maybe I can help you with that,” I said silkily. “I am the boss after all. Let’s head back to your office.” I’d deduced by now that her office was the one I’d passed with the bare walls and dinky desk. Shit, how sad, she was alone down here all day in that tiny cubby, nary a soul in sight. Truthfully, I could see why she was in the bathroom feeling herself up. It was goddamn depressing in the basement with the fluorescent lights, a hundred degrees next to the boiler and the random cranking sounds of various machinery. Fuck, I would have been jacking off ten times a day if I were stuck here, but fortunately I’ve got a penthouse in a luxury office space just a couple blocks away.

Without saying a word, the brunette walked slowly to the door of the bathroom and led me outside into the hallway. Sure enough, her soft footfalls stopped at the dinky office.

“Anyone else around during the day?” I asked casually, looking around. The hallways were empty, a little spooky from the lack of human contact.

“No,” the brunette replied quietly, trying to remain dignified. “I’m a marketing associate and they put me down here after my boss was injured. To stay out of peoples’ way, I suppose,” she added rigidly.

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