The Wicked Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

“Well, maybe I could help you,” he said slowly. “You’re on this bus every morning right?”

I nodded. You often recognize your fellow travelers even though people never talk. It’s part of having a long commute each day, the faces become familiar even if you don’t know their names.

“I’ve seen you,” he said, lowering his voice, “and I like the way you carry yourself, you’re a beautiful girl with a good set of smarts. Maybe we could work out a deal.”

I was immediately suspicious. What did my looks have anything to do with anything? My brows immediately lowered but the man didn’t notice and pressed on.

“I’m a successful guy, I’ve got means,” he said meaningfully, lowering his voice to a whisper, “and you’re a little lady who needs some help.”

That only made things worse.

“Right, but we don’t know each other,” I said pointedly. “What can I do for you?”

And he tossed his head back and laughed.

“Oh you’re a smart one, aren’t you? I was thinking along the lines of a set-up that would benefit us both. Horizontal working,” he intimated with a sly smile.

What the fuck was horizontal working? I was nonplussed.

“And that would be …?” I asked, eyebrows raised, the question lingering in the air. But the guy just leaned in even closer.

“Something comfortable for both of us, something where I’d get what I need and you’d get what you need.”

By now, I was exhausted and no longer wanted to play games. It was too early to beat around the bush and I had chemistry to get back to.

“No thanks,” I said, turning back to my textbook. “I’ve already got a job.”

“Well, I think I can do better than what you’ve got,” he said, still pressing his case. “You’re on the bus every morning, working full time while going to school and I can make things a little easier for you. How about five hundred a pop?”

I closed my book then, turning to look at him straight in the eye.

“But for what?” I asked, shaking my head, bewildered still. “Do you need an assistant with you on sales calls? Someone to carry your suitcase, lug around the medical samples? I’m happy to consider it, but you need to be more specific.”

And that’s when the stranger threw back his head and laughed, the raucous sound ringing out in the silent bus, causing a few of our fellow passengers to glare our way.

“No, I don’t need help with sales, I want to go on a date with you,” he clarified, his voice still lowered. “Five hundred a pop.”

I sat back, perplexed. Why would he pay for a date? I was confused. Sure, the guy on a date usually picks up expenses like the dinner bill, flowers, the movie tickets, but it sounded like something else was going on. Plus, five hundred dollars was a lot to spend. I’d been on a couple dates and the boys had spent thirty bucks max, taking me out to places like Pizza Shack and Burgers a Go Go.

“I don’t get it,” I said. “Why would you pay me to go on a date with you?”

And here, the man shot me a glance.

“You really are naïve aren’t you?”

I flushed at that one because he’d hit close to home. The fact is that even though I’m eighteen with a bodacious bod I’m really, really inexperienced when it comes to men. I’ve only been out a couple times with some gangly teenage boys, and hadn’t even done that in the past few months. With my impossible schedule, there was no way to meet up with anyone for anything, much less something as frivolous as a date. I figured I’d wait until I graduated, until I had a normal schedule, to get my romantic life going.

But that wasn’t for the middle-aged man to know and I wasn’t going to let on.

“I’m young,” I said stiffly, “but I’m not clueless.”

“Yes, you are,” he corrected gently, “because I’m paying you to come to a hotel room with me. Get it? We’ll have the type of date where there’s no food, no drink, no conversation. Just some horizontal action with our clothes off, my dick buried in your cunt.”

And that’s when my cheeks flamed. I realized what a dunce I was, how stupid I’d been. When I’d sat down next to the man, I’d seen the gleam of a gold band on his left index finger and immediately assumed that he was a married man, that his intentions were honorable.

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