Their Forbidden Love

By: Vanessa Brown

“He brought his father yesterday!”

Alex was still intoxicated by her sexy dream and so was not able to understand what Britta was talking about. It took her more than 10 seconds to remember why Britta was so upset.

“Damn! What happened?” Alex was finally on the same page as Britta.

“Well, his father was a complete asshole to my Dad. He raised his offer but also mocked him.”

“And what did Jonas do?”

“Nothing! He just stood there and did not say anything.”

“What an asshole!” Alex said with disgust.

“Yeah, I did not expect an old rich man to be such a douchebag.”

“Old man? Girl, I was talking about that hunk of yours. He was the bigger asshole.”

Britta was surprised. She tried to remember if Jonas had said something yesterday but her memory failed her. The only thing she could remember him doing was standing quietly behind his father.

“Why is he the bigger asshole?” she asked Alex who was now wearing her underwear.

“His dad made fun of your dad and he did not say anything? That makes him an asshole.”

“What are you talking about?” Britta was still confused.

Alex pulled up her shorts and explained it to her bestie, “Tell me, if your dad was being an asshole to somebody, would you try to stop him or just stand there in the background like furniture?”

And suddenly, Britta could see the logic in Alex’ argument. Jonas was a bigger asshole than his father. She could clearly imagine herself standing up to her father, had he abused somebody like Michael.

Alex could see the conflict on Britta’s face, “Brit, it’s time for you to take charge. The father and son are ganging up on your dad. What are you going to do?”

Alex’s words filled Britta with an unanticipated rage. Now she was ready to fight her dad’s battle. Determined, she looked at Alex for an answer, “What should I do now?”

“The first thing we should do is let them know your Dad is not alone in this. You call that asshole and set up a meeting.”

Britta wanted to do something to help her Dad but she was not sure whether following Alex’s advice was the sensible thing to do. She had known her since childhood, and Alex was not the one who could be trusted to make the best decisions in a crisis. However, Britta also knew that Alex always had her back, no matter what. Her confidence in Alex, made Britta take out her phone. She had saved Jonas’ contact earlier and soon she was staring at his information on the screen.

“Call him,” Alex pushed her.

With a touch on the screen, Britta could now see the call being made to Jonas Helm.

“Put it on the speaker.” Alex did not wait for Britta to do it and touched the speaker icon herself. Now both of them could hear the ring.

“Jonas Helm’s office. How may I help you?” a sweet female voice answered the call.

Stunned, Britta just gaped at the phone screen without a clue. Alex took the phone from her hands and commandeered the situation. “I would like to setup a meeting with Jonas Helm,” she said confidently. Britta was looking at Alex walking across the room back and forth while talking.

“May I know who is calling?” the female voice asked.

“This is.. Britta Page.” Alex looked at Britta as she said her name.

“Are you related to Mr Edward Page who owns the Beans Cafe?”

Now both Alex and Britta was speechless. The girl knew exactly who they were.

“Hello?” the voice inquired after a few seconds of dead air, “Are you there Miss Page?”

Britta took her phone back, seeing that Alex was more shocked than her.

“Uh, yes! I am his daughter.”

“Very well, Miss Page. Are you available for 9AM tomorrow?”

“I guess..”

“Great! I just scheduled your meeting with Jonas Helm at 9AM tomorrow. My name is Elena and you can call me if there are any changes to your plans. Is there anything else I may help you with?”

The girl’s efficiency and professionalism was making Alex and Britta feel like lesser human beings, “Okay..” Britta said not knowing how to respond.

“Alright Miss Page, you have a nice day. Goodbye.” The call ended from the other end, leaving Britta and Alex gaping at each other. After a few seconds, Alex collected her wits and an impressed smile danced on her lips — “That girl was smooth as fuck!”

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