Their Forbidden Love

By: Vanessa Brown

“Be cool! He is coming here.” Alex cried, quickly fixing her hair and lowering her top so that her cleavage was more visible.

Britta looked at her bestie, “Really?” her eyes posing the question.

Alex did not care about Britta’s judgmental looks. She was all set to bang this handsome dude tonight. The alcohol was making her believe that she could get anyone she wanted. “Here he comes!” Alex cried again. She was giggling like a 16 years old girl.

Britta however, noticed that it was in fact, the other ‘dude’ who was coming to them with a wide grin. He walked to the balcony and his eyes focused on Alex’s deep cleavage. Her eyes were looking for that man in the blue suit who had disappeared in the crowd.

“Hello ladies!” The dude greeted Britta and Alex with more beers he had on himself, “welcome to my party.”

“Awww! Thanks!” Alex said playing with her hair as she took the beer with her other hand.

So this was Jacob? Britta suddenly felt strangely relieved. Britta could feel her buzz fading all at once. She took the beer, but not because she liked the real Jacob, but because she was sober again.

“Your place is rad!” Alex sounded like a giggly fan girl around him. She was still playing with her hair and there was a strange, fake, nasal twang in her voice. Britta could see how hard she was trying to impress this guy.

“What about you?” Jacob turned to Britta. “Do you like my place too?” he asked.

Britta loved this place.

“Yeah, it’s fine, great, really!” she trailed off, opening her beer and trying to look for that handsome hunk in the crowd.

Jacob was not expecting such a bland answer and he stared at Britta, expecting some more words in the praise of his expensively done up bachelor pad.

“Are you looking for something?” Jacob asked Britta.

Alex did not like Jacob getting distracted by Britta and so she tried to push her tits out and yanked his hand to be paid attention to—“Hey! Sit with me.” She sat Jacob down, grabbing her hand.

Britta got up and walked inside the room. “Where are you going?” Jacob was still looking at her and Alex was trying to get him to look at her.

“I will be back.” Britta said, without even turning her head back and hurried inside.

Jacob then turned to Alex. He wanted to take a better look at Alex’s beautiful body.

The penthouse was filled with people. Most of the guys were in their mid twenties, while most of the girls were still reaching that age. The corners of the house had turned into an official make out zone where the couples were going at it like the world was about to end the next morning.

Usually, Britta would scoff at this brazen and immature display of public intimacy, but tonight, her mind was filled with the visions of that man in the dark blue suit and shiny blonde hair.

Making her way through the dancing and yelling mob of people, she looked all around her, trying to cut through the loud music that was pulsating through the inbuilt speakers in the walls of the house. It really was a marvel, this house.

She had combed the entire penthouse but there was no sign of that mystery man. From the corner of her eye she saw a swish of dark blue before it was engulfed in the steel gray of the elevator doors. She did not want to lose a moment now. Her head was buzzing again. Pushing people away, she walked quickly as she heard the elevator doors closing. Britta wanted to just get a glimpse of his face. It was silly, but she just couldn’t stop herself from being drawn to the man. The elevator doors were opening again and she could see that the man had a-------


A big shoulder walked into her path. The impact was so hard Britta fell back, her butt slamming on the floor. Rubbing her nose, she could hear the elevator doors closing shut.

“Fuck! Now he’s gone! Fuck you!” Britta was frustrated.

“Are you okay? I am so sorry!” the voice was filled with politeness and guilt.

“What do you care?”

Britta cried as she looked up. She opened her eyes and they remained fixed at what she saw. The man in blue was standing before her. He was standing right before Britta.

“Are you hurt? Did you miss somebody important?” the man, looking concerned.

Britta sat dumbstruck, forgetting her sore bum, her contorted in pain face transforming into a surprised, triumphant, gleeful O. She let out a loud, throaty, giggle

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