Their Forbidden Love

By: Vanessa Brown

Britta’s drunk and contagious giggle had now infected the man. He offered his hand which she grabbed to steady herself as she got up. “I am so sorry, but I get clumsy sometimes.” The hunk chuckled at his own fault, “I am Jonas, by the way.”

Britta saw his hand extending an imaginary olive branch. She quickly shook the hand and looked into his eyes that slowly grew wide as they have seen a ghost.

“Oh my God!” he said.

Britta quickly checked her face with her fingers if there was something there and then she realized her fingers were a little wet.

“Your nose is bleeding.” Jonas quickly took out his handkerchief and placed it on Britta’s nose.

“Damn!” Britta turned around holding the handkerchief over her nose and saw a fuming Alex coming through the crowd.

“What the fuck happened to you?”

Before Jonas could have answered, Britta told her, “I tripped and fell.”

“You are such an idiot.” Alex’s tipsy mock anger turned into a taunt.

Britta did not want to be embarrassed in front of Jonas and so she quickly took Alex in a corner. But Alex was clearly not going to shut up. She took the handkerchief off of Britta’s face and looked at her nose like a doctor.

“Britzi! Your face is so funny.” Alex chuckled as she doled out nonsensical advice “Get inside the bathroom and come out pretty.”

Alex grabbed Britta’s arm and dragged her inside the bathroom. Britta tried to resist but Alex pulled her inside the bathroom, Britta could see Jonas getting into the elevator.

“Dammit Alex!” she yelled as Alex pulled Britta inside the bathroom.


The shrill, irritating tinkling of the alarm clock ran for the fifth time. Britta grumbled a bit before passing out again into deep sleep. The door to her room opened a little and a pair of eyes peeked inside.

“She is still sleeping.” The mouth below those eyes said.

“Well then, wake her up.” A voice came from downstairs, and the two eyes entered the room with their face. Reggie, a 13 year old boy came running in and stopped by a sleepy Britta’s head.

“Wake up Britta!” Reggie said very politely, but he knew Britta was not going to listen to him. He was just doing it as a formality.

“Alright, Imma throw this water on you.” Reggie picked up the water jug from the nightstand. Britta was still somewhere in slumber land.

“Imma do it!” Reggie gave his sister a final warning before he waited for about five seconds for Britta to respond. But after the countdown in his head finished, he tilted the jug and the water poured over Britta’s face.

“What the...” Britta rose like Jesus on his third day. She saw Reggie’s grinning face with the water jug in his hands. “You are dead, you nerd!” Britta took off her sheets.

Reggie knew what was going to happen and he was ready. He threw the rest of the water in Britta’s face and ran like hell. The water slowed Britta down and Reggie used this time to run to the door. By the time he was at the door, Britta closed in on him.“I am going to kill you!”

Reggie did not stay in the room a moment longer and soon both of them were running down the staircase.

“Mom, Dad! Save me from Britzilla!” Reggie laughed while running away. He knew he was fast, he had run away from so many bullies at school.

“No running in the hall!” Loretta reminded the kids as she took the hot pot from the stove. Edward was sitting at the table with the newspaper. He was ready to get out of the house and was waiting for the breakfast.

“Listen to your mother,” he said taking his eyes away from the newspaper. “Britta, where were you last night? You did not answer your phone. When did you get in?”

“Sorry Dad!” Britta knew she had to deal with her father first, and Reggie used this to his advantage. He then quietly sat right in front of Britta, next to their father.

“The music was really loud at the party and I could not hear the phone.”

“She also banged up her nose. I saw her nose.” Reggie was being a tattletale and Britta now wanted to smack him even harder.

Edward smiled and teased him.“What are you, a snitch?” and then he looked back at Britta. “Did you get into any fight? Are you alright, princess?”

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