Their Forbidden Love

By: Vanessa Brown

“Excuse me, Stephanie,” Edward made the lady turn back as she was about to reach the door.

“Yes Mr Page?”

“I wanted to ask you something, if you have time.” Britta could see the hesitation on her father’s face and she had a clue what he was about to say.

“Have you heard the name Michael Helm? The big, rich lawyer.”

“Of course! He owns one of the biggest law firms in the city.” Stephanie replied holding her coffee.

“Well, he has approached me,” Edward was not hesitating anymore, “with an offer to buy this coffee shop. I don’t want to sell it. But he keeps pushing it, and I am afraid..”

Stephanie looked at Edward expecting he would finish his sentence.

“Well, I am afraid he will push harder,” with another pause, Edward continued. “You see, this business is all my family has, and I cannot afford a court case. I also cannot afford the fees of a big lawyer.”

Stephanie listened and thought for a moment, “Mr Page, I won’t be able to help you out with this issue. In fact, it is possible that I would be one of the lawyers that you might find standing by Mr Helm’s side.”

Stephanie’s words were quite blunt but honest.

“But, I can get you in touch with a lawyer who would be able to help you with your issue. He has an impressive track record of swimming with big sharks.”

Stephanie placed her coffee on the table and opened her wallet. From inside, she took out a business card and handed it to Edward.

“And remember, you did not get this guy’s contact from me.” She smiled picking up the coffee. Edward’s big smile was enough to say thanks. Stephanie walked out of the cafe and Edward turned to Britta putting the card into his wallet.

Britta could sense her father’s lecture was about to resume — “Here we go again,” she murmured, getting ready to listen to the rest of the sermon by her father, when suddenly her phone rang.

“Dad, I have to take this.” Britta quickly walked away from the counter and stopped only when she was out of the shop. She answered the call out in the street.

“You are a lifesaver Alex!”

“That I know. Remember how I saved you last night when you were bleeding to death?”

“I was at a party and not in Vietnam.”

“There is no use of helping your friends these days, huh? Now tell me you are coming to the new party this evening.”

“Sorry babe! I asked Dad if I could leave early and he gave me a whole speech over responsibilities. I don’t think I will be able to make it.”

“Alright! But just so you should know, he might be there.”

Britta leaned back into the wall by the pavement and looked over the street as she talked to Alex. Her eyes could see a black Maserati Ghibli coming from the street. The car parked right across the coffee shop and Britta.

“How do you know?” Britta knew Alex was teasing her now. “For all we know he could be anywhere in the world right now.”

Britta could see the door of the car open and a leg coming out on to the street.

“Mother of ..Oh My God!” Britta exclaimed as she saw Jonas getting out of the car.

“What?” Alex had no clue what Britta was talking about.

“He is here. He is here!”

“Who is? Where?”

Britta was not able to listen to Alex as Jonas crossed the street and walked towards her, looking into her eyes.

“Hey!” Britta could see Jonas was surprised just like her. A little less, but surprised nevertheless. He looked at Britta’s apron. “You work here?”

Britta kept staring at him without giving him an answer.

“Alright then.” Jonas could see that Britta was not going to help him and so he started walking inside. “I will go in.”

Britta saw Jonas going inside the coffee shop. He reached the counter and greeted her father. Then she saw as Jonas talked to him, her father’s smile turned into a frown. Jonas tried to articulate his sentences with his hands, but her father was not ready to listen. Clearly, Edward was getting mad. Jonas remained calm for some time and then handed a card to Edward, which Edward tore up and threw away. Jonas stepped back politely and walked out of the coffee shop.

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