Their Forbidden Love

By: Vanessa Brown

“Your boss is a difficult man to persuade.” Jonas said coming out of the shop. “He just won’t listen.”

Britta was still staring at him, with her phone by her ear.

“What the fuck is happening?” Alex screamed over the phone, loud enough to make Jonas hear her.

“I think I should leave now.” Jonas smiled and quietly walked across the street. Britta saw him get back into his Ghibli and drive away.

“You better be dead the next time I see you coz I will kill you the next time you have the nerve to walk in here!” Edward shouted behind him.

“He was here,” Britta whispered into the phone.


“Him!” Britta said realizing what an opportunity she had just missed, but then she also remembered how angry her father became on seeing Jonas. Suddenly, she could understand what was going on.

“I will call you back,” Britta disconnected the call and ran back inside the shop.

Edward was still fuming because of his eventful meeting earlier, and Britta was sweeping the floor. The man could relate to his daughter’s dull emotion while being sad himself.

“You know what? I was being too hard on you. You go early if you want.”

“What happened Dad?” she stopped sweeping, being concerned for her father.

“These rich bastards,” Edward did not try to hide his angst. “They think they can buy anything they want. I told him so many times that this coffee shop is not for sale, and today he sent his son.”

Britta kept looking at her father, without saying anything.

“He tried to make me an offer, but I tore up his card and threw it back in his face!”

Edward was taking a little pride in tearing Jonas’ business card. Britta felt a little relieved to see her father getting back to normal, though in a tiny fraction.

And then she saw the pieces of the card scattered all over the floor.

“You go early Britta. I am not mad at you.” Edward made sure that he did not sound resentful and went back into the shop.

After her father was gone, Britta involuntarily bent down and collected the pieces of the card from the floor. She joined those together in her hands and it read;


“A lawyer,” Britta murmured looking at his phone number and email address.

Chapter 2

‘Jonas Helm Enterprise’ Britta typed in the search box of her computer’s browser. Within a second the internet came back with all the results and some pictures on the right hand side. In the pictures, Jonas looked as handsome and tempting as ever and the news links related to him were nothing short of spectacular.

The first two pages were filled with articles related both to his winning case streaks and his involvement with various anonymous hotties. Every third picture on the image search had Jonas with a different girl all of whom looked like one of the Victoria Secret models. Where he had an impeccable career as a lawyer, he was also notorious for his love for women. But the Jonas Britta saw at her father’s shop seemed different.

All these pictures of him with girls had a younger Jonas with a devil may care attitude. And the man who met Britta at the party and then the shop had the composure of a hermit. How could a person change so much? What brought about that change? Britta was lost in her thoughts when her phone vibrated with a loud ring.

It was Alex.

“Yeah! What’s up?” Britta answered the call keeping her eyes on the computer screen.

“You tell me what’s up girl! What the fuck happened yesterday?”

A recent picture of Jonas caught Britta’s eyes that was making her stare at it, “That guy from the party, he was at Dad’s shop yesterday.”

“Oh my God! What a creep. Was he stalking you?” Alex asked a little excited.

“No! He was there to meet my Dad. Though Dad did not like him a bit. I don’t know what they talked about, but Dad showed him the door.” Britta finally gained the strength to move away from that picture. “But, he was so cool about it. Normally any guy would have had lost his shit. But not him.”

“So he is mister Ice, eh? What else?” Alex inquired.

“I was looking him up on the internet and get this,” Britta opened a link and started reading, “he is a lawyer at his father’s firm.”

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