Their Forbidden Love

By: Vanessa Brown


“Yeah.” Britta continued, “But his father also owns a company that specializes in acquiring businesses in hostile takeovers and then selling them in pieces.” Suddenly, there was a silence on the line. Both Britta and Alex were taking in how serious Jonas’ visit could have meant.

“Him visiting your Dad doesn’t sound good then.” Alex’s words resonated with Britta’s fears. “Did you talk to your Dad?”

“Are you crazy? I was shocked he let me leave early after what happened between him and this lawyer.” Britta tried to remember the scenes from yesterday. “You should have seen my Dad’s face!” Edward’s face danced in Britta’s memory, it was both furious and heartbroken at the same time. She was unable to make any sense of it.

“I am guessing, Jonas and his father are after Dad and his shop.”

“Obviously! Your Dad’s shop is a prime property.” Alex reminded her.

Britta could now see why Jonas and his father were so interested in her father’s business. The Beans Cafe was located in a prominent neighborhood that was in the heart of NYC. Edward’s father had bought it when real estate in NYC did not cost an arm, leg and all your internal organs. He knew the value of the land his cafe stood upon, but it was not about money. For him, the cafe was his heritage — something he considered a responsibility given to him by his father. Britta had seen several interested buyers approach her father proposing to buy the cafe from him since she was a child, but Edward would sell it no one. “The cafe is not for sale.” He used to say, “You cannot buy somebody’s family history.”

Sometimes Britta felt that her father’s attachment with the cafe was a little childish. She had seen several neighbors selling their similar properties to various businesses and builders and moving away to better homes, expensive ones. She knew that today, selling the cafe could pay not just for a big luxurious house in a fancy neighborhood, but also leave enough money for her father to start a new business. Other than that, there was also an option of leasing it to somebody else, turning it into a golden goose, that would provide them with the golden egg of a huge rent every month. But Edward was not ready to listen to any argument. There was a time, when they were in dire need of money, barely able to make ends meet. All the relatives, advised him to sell the cafe and move on. But Edward’s iron will and stubborn attitude remained undefeated. Soon, he made the business stand back on its feet and the life was back to normal. This however, strengthened Edward’s bond with the cafe even more. Now besides his memories, this cafe contained a part of his youth.

“You still there?” Alex’s voice popped Britta’s thought bubble.


“Where did you go?”

“No where. I think I should check up on Dad.” Britta closed the browser, making sure that Jonas’s face did not distract her anymore. “I hope he is in a good mood now.”

“Alright. Call me when you are free and tell me everything in detail.”

“Yeah right,” Britta chuckled before hanging up. With quick steps, she walked down to the hall where Loretta was preparing dinner. Her eyes looked for her father, but could not find him in the kitchen or the living room, where he usually remained at this hour. Instead, she found Reggie sitting quietly by the kitchen table reading his comic book.

“Where is Dad?” she asked whispering, not knowing why she did that herself.

Reggie looked up from his comic book and moved his eyes towards his father’s bedroom. It was like the whole house was under a curfew that did not allow anybody to talk. Taking cue from her brother, Britta quietly walked towards her father’s room. Loretta was busy in the kitchen, but she was able to see what was happening.

“Dad?” Britta quietly asked entering the dark room.

“Yeah,” Edward’s voice was strong and ready as if he was waiting for Britta to call his name. Britta turned on the light switch and saw her father sitting in a chair by the window. Both his feet were on the window sill, and he was staring outside the window.

“What happened Dad?” Britta walked inside the room slowly.

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