Their Forbidden Love

By: Vanessa Brown

“Nothing,” Edward kept looking outside the window with his childish response.

“Gosh,” Britta rolled her eyes keeping her thoughts to herself.

“Dad we all know why you sit in your room like this in the dark. Besides, I was there at the cafe when ..” Britta suddenly remembered not to say his name, “.. that guy.. came.” she said.

“Don’t worry about him.” Edward said without a genuine care.

Britta went behind her father and put her arms around his neck. She brought her face closer to his and kissed him on his cheeks, “I am not worried about him. I am worried about you.”

Edward chuckled with love as Britta came around, “I have seen you sitting like this every time somebody comes to you with an offer to buy the cafe. But there was something different yesterday..” she suddenly stopped.

Curious, Edward looked into her eyes for the answer.

“You never get angry. In fact I have seen how you jokingly offer a coffee to every person who comes to you with an offer to buy your cafe. That was the first time I saw you getting that angry.”

Edward heaved out a deep sigh listening to his daughter.

“What was it that made you so mad?” she asked.

“Sit down.” Edward made Britta sit down on the bed behind him. He then turned to her and looked into her eyes. “I lost my cool because that man yesterday threatened me.”

Britta could not believe her ears. She imagined Jonas eyes, and tried really hard to find them threatening. To her dismay and surprise, she was not able to understand how Jonas could have threatened her father, “What did he say, Dad?” she asked leaning forward.

Edward could read the uneasiness in his daughter’s eyes and he quickly cleared it up, “Oh don't worry, he didn’t threaten to kill me or beat me up. He threatened my business.”

Britta was a little relieved, but she did not let her father see it. “Of course he would. He is a lawyer.” Her brain told her heart.

“He started by telling me that I should start looking for new prospects, other than selling coffee. It was too.. what is that word…” Edward struggled with his memory, “banal!” Finally he remembered. “Yeah! It was too banal, he told me.”

Britta was looking at her father’s face as it changed emotions rapidly.

“At first I laughed, thinking that he would tell me about his new business that he planned to start here, like most of the hippie kids do today. But then he said something..”


“He said that it would be better for me to move somewhere else because one way or another all the shops in the neighborhood were going to shut down. So it's better to quit when there is still time and money in your hands.” Edward then stopped at this sentence.

Britta could feel the gravity of the situation, but she failed to see the ‘threat’ in that sentence. According to her, Jonas had told her father an inconvenient truth. Of course he was very blunt with his words, but she expected nothing less from a lawyer who was used to taking over businesses with force.

“I know their plan, I looked into him. His name was Jonas Helms.” Edward started talking with frowns forming on his forehead. “He and his father buy businesses and properties and then sell them after breaking them apart in a bid. They are nothing but a family of hounds. Going after people in bad times.” Edward was raging with anger.

“But we are not going through a bad time, Dad.” Britta tried to cheer her father up.

Edward listened to his daughter and it did make him feel better. “We are not,” he said finally with a warm smile appearing on his face, “We have left that in our past.”

“And we are never going back there.” Britta held Edward’s hand and smiled.

Seeing her smile, made Edward really happy inside and he forgot about that lawyer.

“Would you two come out and eat?” Loretta was standing by the door. “Dinner is ready.”

The father and daughter looked at each other with their big smiles and together walked out of the room. Everything was alright now.


The afternoon was lazier than usual when Britta spilled milk on the cafe floor.

“Fuck!” she yelled in disappointment.

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