Their Forbidden Love

By: Vanessa Brown

“Hey! Language!” Edward did not like uncivil words.

“Sorry Dad,” Britta said bending down to clean the floor when she heard the door opening. She could not see who came in but the sudden change of expression on her father’s face told her that it was not somebody he liked.

Quickly she stood up and saw Jonas trying to look for somebody. And just when his eyes caught up with her face, they stopped their search. But then Britta noticed that Jonas was not alone this time, a tall man with short gray hair and a sharp nose was looking around the shop. With his hands in his pocket, the old man was definitely not impressed by the cafe.

“You know.. you could do so much better in this place,” he said in a condescending tone. Jonas stayed quiet behind that old man who then looked right into Edward’s eyes.

“We are doing alright, thank you,” Edward replied, trying to sound polite. But his tone was filled with resentment. Michael scoffed as snubbing away Edward’s response and walked to the counter. “My son told me you did not like our offer. Why is that?”

Edward did not like the way Michael was looking at him.

“This business is not for sale,” Edward said trying to make his tone sound rude, but years of habit were hard to break. He was not the man who could talk rudely to somebody.

“I don’t care about your business, my friend. In fact, I am giving you a better place to run your business. Your sales will skyrocket in that neighborhood.” Michael reminded Edward how good his offer was for the business he was not willing to let go of. “I don’t want to buy your business..” he scoffed. “I just want this shop.”

Britta looked at Jonas to see how he reacted to his father’s snide comments. But the young man remained calm and Britta felt as if he signaled her with his eyes to do the same.

“Please get out of my shop,” Edward did not want to have this conversation anymore.

Michael could see him acting out like a child who had no wits left to argue, and it made him smile. He actually wanted to laugh, but controlled himself.

“Listen.. Edward, right?” Michael knew his name correctly but he was just trying to make Edward tick. But Edward did not respond in anyway.

“I am increasing my offer, right here, right now by 50%. Do you know why?”

Edward did not say anything this time as well, but deep inside, he wanted to know the reason why Michael raised the offer by half. Michael could see his curiosity.

“Because I like you.”

That’s it! That was Edward’s limit of the humiliation he could bear.

“You get out of my shop, or I am calling the cops!” he yelled, though helpless inside.

Grinning, Michael turned back to take a look at Jonas’ face, who was feeling a little embarrassed in front of Britta.

“Dad,” Jonas mouthed to Michael, to which the rich old man grinned and turned back to Edward. “Alright. We are leaving. No need to get upset, my friend.”

“I am not your friend. And you get out of here.”

“Please, I heard it the first time. We are going now.” Michael turned around unaffected and walked out of the shop, without waiting for Jonas.

Jonas gave Britta the final look after her father and silently walked out. She could see the humiliation on her father’s face. Knowing that more than Michael’s behavior and comments the fact that made her father embarrassed was her presence while it all happened.

Without saying a word, she went into the back. She felt this was the only way her father could recompose himself. As Britta walked through the back door, Edward let his body lose, and his hands started shaking. “Oh God!” he heaved looking down, not knowing that Britta was looking at him from behind the door.


In her dream, Alex was kissing two guys in a big rotating bed when one of the guys suddenly changed into Britta and yelled at her, “OPEN THE DOOR GODDAMNIT!”

“Fuck this girl!”

Alex was really pissed at Britta for fucking up her sweet dream. She got off the bed but realized that she was not wearing any clothes. “I am coming! Don't break my door!” she cried while putting on a t shirt.

As she opened the door, Britta stormed inside and sat right in her bed.

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