Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash

By: Bev Pettersen

Chirp. His hand on her breast muddled her hearing, but she was pretty sure her phone was ringing. Chirp, chirp.

“I better get it,” she said, her voice husky.

“Let me answer. Wally won’t talk so long to me.” But he smiled as he tugged the phone from her pocket. “Burke,” he said.

Jenna opened two buttons on his shirt. Pressed her mouth against his skin, listened to his heartbeat, the deep rumble of his voice, knowing she was much too happy to talk anyway. Oh, God. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. She felt like leaping and squealing and leaping some more.

“She’s a little busy right now,” Burke said, but his voice softened. He even sounded amused.

Not Wally then. Must be Em. She released a few more buttons, sliding her fingers over his chest, relearning his hard contours. Of course, she wanted to talk to her dear sister but not at this precise moment. Right now, she only wanted to get closer to the man she loved.

Be nice if he’d finish talking though. He sounded deep in negotiations. She waited another polite minute then gave his chest an impatient nip.

“All right. Red it is.” He ended the call and tossed her phone on the desk. “Your sister will look after Peanut for as long as we want. And I think I just bought her a sports car.”

“No!” Jenna’s eyes widened. “You have to watch her.”

“Not a problem. Today I would have bought her a small island.” His mouth curved in an indulgent smile. “Because I happen to be in an exceptionally good mood, a very generous mood.”

“I see.” She tilted her head, pondering for a moment, but Emily was fine, Wally was fine, as were Peanut, Frances, even Stillwater itself. Everything was fine. Amazingly there wasn’t a single thing to worry about.

Somehow, somewhere, benevolent forces had combined to make everything in her world align. It was almost too good to be true. Best of all, this wonderful man loved her. Knew her and loved her, in spite of her faults.

She gazed into his tender eyes, eyes that were oddly damp, and sucked in a shaky breath, abruptly overwhelmed with emotion. “I’m just so grateful. So h-happy.”

“So am I, sweetheart,” he said softly. “So am I.”

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