Threat Level:Red (The Disavowed Book 3)

By: David Leadbeater

A genuinely content smile was his reply. “Never again,” he said. “My wife and I are very happy, thanks.”

Silk took that moment to break contact with Brewster and join Natasha at the window. “So,” he said wistfully. “What happens next?”

“Next?” Trent echoed. “We have one of the best teams in the world right here.” He glanced around. “A little banged up maybe, but not on the garbage heap yet.”

Silk stared at him appraisingly. Nobody had to explain that everything had become so much more complicated now. The unsaid words were hanging ghostlike over all their heads like a burdening shroud.

“I hear Matt Drake’s team need a little help over in the UK,” Silk said thoughtfully.

“Too soon,” Trent said. “But one day . . . one day maybe.”

Collins wheeled herself toward Radford’s side table and plucked up a handful of grapes. “Besides, we have our own people to mourn.” She remembered her new, young partner Rich London’s, wasteful death and how she’d never mourned her old partner’s death, purposely not giving herself the time or the will to grieve. Back then, she’d seized the job with all her might, letting it and it alone guide her through. To jump straight back into the job now would be to make yet another big mistake. “I think we all have a lot of recovering to do. Time to grieve. Time to evaluate. Besides, I’m owed a shitload of vacation time.” She pulled a face at Mikey. “Sorry, kid. I don’t normally say ‘shit’ in front of minors.”

Mikey cracked a smile, a weak but genuine expression of amusement.

Trent massaged his son’s shoulders. Collins’ words made great sense. Not only would a little time help them recover, it would let the new dynamic fall into place. After that, they could assess.

Regroup, so to speak.

This group had been hit hard time and again recently. It wouldn’t hurt to sit back and convalesce. New plans had to be made.

“So we’ll see what comes next,” he said.

Silk nodded. “Whatever it is,” he said. “We’ll be ready for it.”


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