Too Many Rock Stars

By: Candy J. Starr

I gave it a scan.

"Alex? That's you?"

He nodded. "That's my phone number and email for you to contact me."

His words said so little but his eyes actually managed to make that sound so dirty that I blushed.

With a brief glance at his bio, I could see he'd played some big name clubs. I'd contact them to make sure he wasn't shitting me but this was some impressive list.

"What are you doing, playing in a town like this?" I asked. I mean, the rock scene here was pretty darn hot but it wasn't big city hot. It wasn't make a zillion dollars and retire wealthy hot. If you are into that kind of thing.

"I have my reasons," he said. Then he smiled as though I was the only woman in the world and, for a split second, I forgot any resolve I had.

"Hey, listen, she's already told you she'll listen to the demo. There's no need for you to stick around. This place is officially off-limits and you shouldn't have been let in here."

Razer glared at Drew and poor Drew just put his head down and kept mopping. Although, to be honest, I had little sympathy for him because he'd let both of them in.

"Well, I guess I'll see you later," said Alex. Again the words seemed loaded with so much more subtext.

Razer grabbed Alex by the arm, pulling him out of the store room. Alex shrugged and went with him. At the same moment, both of them turned back to ogle me.

God, if I had one problem in this life it was too many rock stars.

Chapter 2 RAZER

I checked that creep was well away from the club before I left. Violet didn't need guys like him hanging around her and I sure as hell didn't want him at the club either.

He'd definitely taken off and I needed to kill some time before heading back to the club. I’d be back as soon as the place opened to get the bitter taste of that loser out of her mind. Who was he and where had he popped up from?

I didn't like surprises. I didn't like my plans being thwarted either.

I headed to the guitar shop. That was my place. The place where everything was happy and my heart felt at ease. Who wouldn't feel good surrounded by guitars?

Heat rose from the pavement in waves that went through the soles of my boots. A day like this would almost melt the rubber. Some kids on the street threw water balloons. I kept to the side of the footpath so I didn't get accidentally hit. One of those little buggers had a devilish look in his eyes and I had no intention of ending up saturated.

I hated that my plan had failed. It'd been a good plan. I'd get into Violet's office and she'd have no chance but to give me some of her attention. The woman had to feel the heat between us. Hell, those sparks were flying out in all directions, worse than the time Bill plugged his bass into a faulty amp and ended up in the hospital. The air crackled around us. She tried to avoid it by doing that thing where she lowered her head so I couldn't see into her eyes.

She just had some crazy prejudice about dating rockers. And I won't lie, most rockers I know aren't good enough to be the dirt under her feet. Not that I'm top notch or anything, but I worshipped that woman. She's the sun to my star, the words to my melody, the jam to my peanut butter. All I wanted was a chance to prove myself and I'd be everything good – kind, loyal, loving. I'd make her breakfast in bed and massage her feet. I’d never wake her from her nap ever again.

Since the day I first met Violet, she'd been the only one for me.

Sure, she went on with all that "get out of my office" talk but she didn't mean that. Well maybe that bit about her hating to be woken up was true. I rubbed my head. That boot had hit hard. But she'd been coming around to the idea when that knob jockey turned up.

If I couldn’t be with Violet for the rest of the day, I’d check out my baby. Because the one thing I loved in this world almost as much as Violet was that guitar. Maybe I loved the Les Paul more. If Violet showed some sign of returning my love, she'd make it to the number one slot for sure, but there's only so far you can get in a man's heart when you don't requite. My baby, now she requited. She requited like a bitch on heat, responding to my touch and giving back as much as I gave her. On a good day, the best of days, she was my world.

Still, a guitar is cold comfort in the middle of the night. And I knew if I got half a chance with Violet, she'd requite too.

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