Too Many Rock Stars

By: Candy J. Starr

They were a lot alike, my two loves. The reddish-brown of Violet’s hair almost the same colour as the cherry wood. Both with curves I wanted to run my hands over. Violet had brown eyes that flashed when she got angry. It was almost worth getting her angry to see the way her eyes gleamed. She had the kind of face you wouldn’t call pretty but more strong and fierce. I’d rather a girl who looked like Violet than some boring pretty girl any day.

Phil's Music World. Not only full of fucking sweet axes but also air conditioned. Just the smell of the place comforted me. Those fresh, virgin guitars and the older well-loved ones. The wood, the metal. I wandered around the shop, taking my time, not overly anxious, working my way up to my baby. The one guitar I coveted. That bitch hanging on the wall, I'd kill a man if I could make her mine.

You couldn't walk straight in and go to her though. There was a system, a way of working up to it.

It's called foreplay.

It took me a full hour to look around the shop before approaching her. Phil, the owner, had no beef with me getting her down and playing her. He'd offered to let me have a payment plan but I didn't hold with that kind of thing. I'd save and I'd work my guts out but I couldn't let her be packed off to some back room for who knows how long until I got my shit together. I just don't do it like that.

A girl like her needed to be on display and appreciated.

It was tough at the moment though. Things were slow at the site so the boss had given me some time off. That left me free to pester Violet but didn’t help the savings anyway.

My baby would have to wait.

A shudder of anticipation went through me as I reached up to her, easing my way in with a gentle touch, when the shop bell rang. Instinctively, I turned.

Holy fuck. It was that poser. Alex Shithead. In my guitar shop.

For some reason, I retreated. I didn't want to see that guy and I definitely did not want to talk to him. I'm not the kind of man to run and hide but he'd got my back up and I didn't want trouble. I left my baby and hid behind a shop display. I'd watch him, wait for him to leave then get back to business.

He strode through the store. That's the kind of poser he was, the kind that strode, not walked.

I hoped he just wanted to get some strings or something and then leave. He'd be off my turf.

The creep barely looked around the store, just went straight to the back. He obviously wasn't a man who knew about foreplay.

He stopped just before the counter. Near my baby. Awfully close to her.

My heart jumped up to my throat and my fists balled. Get away from her, I wanted to scream. I kept pretending to look at oboes though. Fixed my gaze on them and tried to control my breathing. I could see him out of the corner of my eye. You should never take your eyes off a snake in the grass like him completely.

That poser reached up. His hand was near my baby. He grabbed her, just went straight in for the grope. What an animal.

He picked her off the wall. His filthy hands were all over her. He held her like she was nothing.

I wanted to rush him then. Inaction made my blood throb in my veins like fuel through a V8. I'd smash that fucker to bits.

Except I couldn't hurt him without harming my baby. My baby was in his arms. If I threw him to the ground, she might break or get dented.

Before I could do anything, he was at the counter, wallet out. He hadn't even played her. He'd not caressed her. He'd not known the gentle joy of her. How could you even buy a guitar without playing her first?

That traitor, Phil, smiled and nodded. He didn't care that she was going to bad home. A home where she'd never be loved like she needed to be loved. A home where she'd not be precious.

The fucker just handed over cash and took her, like she was some cheap whore on a street corner. My baby should be treated better than that.

I'm not a man who cries easily. I'm not a man who cries often but, when I saw that wanker walk out with my baby, I had to wipe a tear from my eye.

Chapter 3 VIOLET

Razer came up beside me as I stood at the bar. I turned to Carlie, the barmaid, and put my hand to my face to block him from my view. I was in no mood for chit-chat. He'd caused me enough trouble for one day.

Carlie rolled her eyes and got me another drink.

"I'll get that for you," Razer said.

"No need. I tell you every time, I get free drinks for working here.”

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