Too Many Rock Stars

By: Candy J. Starr

"I wouldn't be with you if I had any interest in him. You're the one that I chose. Even though you are annoying and you tickle my feet and sometimes you aren't real punctual and you make weird noises in your sleep. It’s for life, there’s no escape for you."

Razer grinned, obviously not concerned about being trapped with me for life.

My head swam, not being able to focus on this. I knew I should have some kind of freak out but I kept looking in Razer's eyes and nothing else would fit in my head.

“Even if you’re okay with it, I’m not. It’s my mouth we’re talking about here.” I was not going to kiss Alex, no way.

Before we could say any more, Alex walked into the club.

“Should we go in?” Razer asked.

“Nah, let’s go home. I’m not wasting the rest of my night off.”

He took my hand in his and we walked away from Trouble.

Chapter 38 VIOLET

A noise woke me from my nap. Damn people disturbing my sleep. I needed to nap at work because didn't get much sleep at home nowadays. I couldn't help myself. With that temptation dangling there, how could I resist?

At least Alex hadn't been around much. They were still in the handover process, waiting for all the legal stuff to go through, so Chuck didn't give a shit about anything anymore and Alex had no power yet.

I had a feeling that would change. In the meantime, I got my sleep when I could.

There was definitely someone coming into my office though.

"It's only me, don't throw things at me," said Razer.

I jumped up off the sofa and threw my arms around him. He'd been so busy rehearsing that I'd not seen him during the day. After the competition gig, he'd had a few important industry people sniffing around, showing interest. That meant hours of rehearsal.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Trying to catch you napping in those skimpy shorts," he said, his fingers running down my belly to the waistband.

I slapped his hand away.

"Not here. Anyone could walk in."

"Not if we put that sofa in front of the door."

I thought about it for a minute but did he even know these people I worked with? Razer and I in my office with a locked door – they'd be outside listening. Maybe even recording. The mushy stuff could wait for home. Even if it killed me.

"Let's go into the bar," I said.

The look on Razer's face almost made me reconsider. Damn it, he was a hard man to resist.

"We can go back to your place for a quickie," I told him and that made him grin.

"Will you leave the shorts on?"

I rolled my eyes but slipped my skirt on over them. I sure as hell was not going out into the bar in just those shorts.

As we walked out the door, I noticed Mark mopping the store room, very close to my office door.

"Since when do you mop?" I asked him. "That's Drew's job."

Drew might be a bit simple but he wouldn't even think of spying on me, unlike Mark.

We went into the bar.

"Should we stop for a drink?" I asked, jokingly.

We exchanged glances, both of us urgently needing to be alone.

"Whoa, off for some sexy times?" Carlie called out from behind the bar. Then she looked at the doorway as though she'd seen a ghost.

A guy stood there. As tall as Razer and with long hair. He walked in as though he owned the place, his gaze on the bar. That man looked like he had a mighty powerful thirst. A thirst that would take a long time to quench.

Carlie had been restocking the bar. When she saw that guy approach the bar, the bottles fell from her hands.

"Fuck, no," she whispered. "Fuck."

Her gaze darted around as though looking for an escape route.

"Do you want me to stay?" I asked, rushing to her side.

She shook her head and looked up at the stranger approaching the bar.

"Get the fuck out here, Holden, or I’ll have to kill you."

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