Too Many Rock Stars

By: Candy J. Starr

Carlie was one of the hottest chicks I'd ever met. Her short hair always looked messily perfect and she was pretty damn buff. She had words tattooed along her collarbones that meant nothing to me. She said they were the lyrics to her favourite song but it wasn't a song I'd ever heard. And, trust me, I've heard a lot of damn songs. I'd even Googled the words but nothing came up.

Maybe she was lesbian? It’s not like that had ever come up in conversation but then I’d never seen her with a chick either. No one at all, so she could stop with the crazy old cat lady comments.

I wasn’t planning on being single my entire life anyway, I just hadn't met the right man. The right man didn't play in a band and wasn’t a total jerk. That shouldn't be so hard. Only, with my job, they were the only men I ever met. Rockers and jerks.

"What's with you anyway? Most of the chicks who come in here would kill to be in your position. You can't be totally oblivious to that."

"Oblivious is a comfortable place to be."

Carlie cracked her gum. "You think you're too good for him?"

We both laughed.

"I know I'm too good for him. Say we go out and maybe he's on his best behaviour because he's trying to get me into the sack. That's all sweet but then, in a few weeks, maybe even days, he thinks he's won me over and it's all him, him, him. All he talks about is his band. I'm expected to stand in the background, supporting him. Then he starts coming home later at night. It's not going to take long to go from all hearts and flowers to messy break up and, in the meantime, I have to endure my life being all fractured. Just to end up alone again. I might as well skip it all and stay in the same place."

"That's for sure. I'll drink to that."

I raised my glass and Carlie grinned.

"Still, you'd get some sex. Don't you ever wonder what he'd be like in the sack?" She looked up and her face reddened. "Oh shit."

I didn't need to turn around. I knew she was looking at Razer. And he’d heard her speculating on his sexual prowess.

I could feel him standing behind me.

"Not so close, dude."

He just laughed. Even though I really meant it. He ordered another drink then sat himself down on the stool beside me.

"So, Vi, what about this gig?"

"Dude, it was only a couple of hours ago, give me a break. You'll get your gig. And don't ever call me Vi again. And also, don't wake me up when I'm napping."

Carlie handed him his beer. "Violet looks great tonight, doesn't she?" she said with a wink.

"I don't look great. You know what I look? Tired is what I look. Because I got woken up from my nap today."

"You sure wake up cranky too, even if you do look cute."

I don't know why this kept coming back to my looks. Sleep doesn't care what you look like. Sleep loves you unconditionally. If I looked great or I looked like shit, sleep would still embrace me. Even thinking about sleep made me sleepier.

Razer rubbed my shoulder but I slugged his hand off.

"Don't even try it. This is your fault."

Both he and Carlie laughed. I wasn't kidding though. I was dog tired and could barely stay awake. I was supposed to stick around to deal with the bands and help close up though. Maybe I could sneak off to my office and have a quick kip. Carlie could wake me for close up.

"Is Chuck coming in tonight?" I asked Carlie.

"Not that I know of. Why? Did you want to see him?"

Down the other end of the bar, some guy tapped coins impatiently against the bar. Carlie gave him a sneer then turned back to me.

"If someone was to say sneak off to their office for a little while, it's not like he'd notice... Someone who had their sleep disturbed earlier today by feral rockers..."

Carlie grinned.

"I'll give you a warning if he turns up but you should be clear. What time do you want me to wake you?"

"Maybe when the last band goes on. That should give me enough time. If the other bands want their cash, tell them to drop by tomorrow. These chicks and the next band have played here often enough to know the drill. I don't need to babysit them going on."

She grinned. "Sure thing."

"Need some company?" Razer asked. Again with the dimple but dimples are nothing compared to the need for sleep. He could keep his dimples to himself.

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