Truth & Tenderness

By: Tere Michaels

They moved slowly, trading off who was leading like it was second nature. They were getting good at this, the give and take, letting instinct be their guide instead of thinking too hard.

Evan knew, in the quiet of the moment, that this was their real secret. How they made this work—made them work.


Letting go.

“Stop thinking so loud. This is romantic,” Matt whispered, ending his words with a kiss against the curve of Evan’s ear.

It was romantic, cradled in Matt’s arms, the whirling dervish of the night settling around them.

“We could make an announcement,” he said, thinking of the kids’ excitement, Jim and Griffin’s support, Helena and Shane’s enthusiasm.

“Or we could keep it a secret like we agreed.” Matt moved his head just enough to give Evan a look.

“Fine.” Evan laid his head back on Matt’s shoulder. A secret just for them. Yes, that seemed right.

The DJ switched songs but not tempos: an old Motown song that invited more couples to the dance floor. Evan saw love in every stage—blushing teens to folks just grateful to have an intimate moment away from the kids to the smooth dancing moves of those who’d been doing this for decades.

This wasn’t the way his life was supposed to go, but this was exactly where he decided to be.

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