Under One Roof

By: Debbie Gordon

BWWM Western Romance


Camille Bank is a young woman that through no fault of her own has lost her way. Her parents feel that she has no semblance of what a dollar is all about. She spends like it’s growing on trees and has no problem putting it on credit. Her attitude is not the carefree young girl that they remember. She sees her parents, as a hindrance and their idea of tough love is to throw her to a precocious young kid that has made her life a living hell. She has no desire to go another round with Jamie, especially when he goes into his terrible two’s. What she wants is for her parents to get off her back, but that’s not gonna happen.

Callen Carson is a cowboy billionaire that lives across the street from the Banks. He has just lost his wife and his business is a fledgling oil concern that makes him a lot of money, even if he isn’t working at the time. He has never strayed from his wife, but now that she’s gone, he has a decision to make that to move on or get stuck in the past. He’s lonely, doesn’t put himself out there and is about to learn that good things come in small packages.

Callen has no idea what to expect when he gets a call from across the street. They want him to take their daughter for the evening and give her a sense of responsibility by looking after Jamie. This actually works in his favor, because he has business to conduct and he has not been able to find a babysitter on such short notice. He doesn’t expect the beautiful sensuous bronzed goddess that shows up at his door. He can’t take his eyes off of her and he knows that he is playing with fire. That fire is not unrequited and even though Camille had no feelings for him a couple of years ago, she begins to see him as somebody that can show her the way. Can he see past his wife’s memory? Will she be able defrost his heat in and begin the heat things up to the point that they are boiling?

Chapter 1

I knew that I was going to have hell to pay when I got back home from college for my grades slipping. It was due to the fact that my best friend Laura had pulled me into the party scene. I was never one to get drunk, but one taste of vodka and I was hooked for life. It made me do stupid things like dance half naked on top of a bar, but at least I still had the semblance of mind to say no to any rowdy guy that was trying to get their hands on me. I had even changed my hair color from the jet black to a more platinum blonde. It wasn’t exactly my natural hair color. I think a black woman with blonde hair is a bit hard to not notice.

I don’t exactly know how Laura convinced me to do that, but here I was arriving home in my little blue beetle. I used the inheritance money that I got from my grandfather to splurge on this tiny little indulgence. It might have looked small, but inside it was quite roomy and I had to admit that the salesman was a bit of a flirt.

I saw my dad’s pickup truck in the yard and that steer on the hood to indicate that he was proud of his accomplishments of bagging that buck. I knew from early on that he wanted a boy and he was constantly taking me to do things that only little boys would do. Rodeos, fixing up the cars or even going out to play ball in a nearby field was his idea of fun. It was fine when I was young, but when I got older; I began to gravitate towards the more girly things.

I was now what you called a fashionista and somebody that really did love buying things on credit and not worrying about them until later.

I had barely got my expensive brand name black bag out of the back seat, when my father came out in a rage.

“I hope you know that this is not going to fly with me. I gave you that credit card for emergencies and unless these shoes that you bought are made of gold, then you are marching back to the store and getting your money back. In fact, there are several charges on here that need to be rectified immediately. Don’t even get me started on your phone bill and once again, I gave you that for an emergency. You’re taking advantage of my good nature and I’m through paying your bills. From now on, you can sink or float on your own. I’m not going to give you one more red cent and I think it’s time that you learn the value of a dollar. I thought that we had this discussion, but apparently being away for one year has changed you.” I wasn’t really listening, I had one earphone in and my favorite tune was playing at the same time.

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