Under One Roof

By: Debbie Gordon

“Listen to your father and I think it’s a great idea that you help out with Jamie. It would give you that sense of responsibility and I’m sure that Callen has a lot of things that you can do.” It didn’t look like I was going to be able to argue myself out of this one. If he was a police officer, I might’ve been able to undo a couple of buttons and show off my healthy bosom. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that to my own father and that would’ve been just wrong on so many levels.

“Fine, I’ll do what you say, but don’t think for a moment that I’m not going to forget about this. If you don’t mind, I would like to get something to eat and go to bed, because it has been one long day and it hasn’t helped by the both of you bombarding me at the same time.” I was going on the offensive, but they were not backing down for one single second.

“You can get something to eat at Callen’s place and I just called him to inform him that you’re on your way over to baby sit. He’s a good man and he deserves nothing but your best and I better hear rave reviews about the care of little Jamie.” They weren’t even going to allow me to freshen up and they were already ushering me out the door.

“You can’t be serious and you’re joking.” They were standing at the door with their arms crossed and my father looked like he was the cat that ate the canary. He was seriously thinking that this was going to make any difference. If I had to pretend to get through this, then that was exactly what I was going to do.

Chapter 2

“It’s only been a year and I still can’t believe how grown up you look, Camille. You’ve certainly gotten more sophisticated and the last time I saw you, you were comfortable in a pair of tight…. jeans.” I couldn’t help but to watch his eyes, as he traveled them up and down my body. Suddenly, he got this look on his face and then he turned and shook his head in disbelief. I wondered what his problem was, but then I saw that he was looking at the photo of his dead wife. He was feeling guilty for looking at another woman and an impressionable young one like myself.

“I’m only here because my father has made me. I’m sorry if that sounds selfish, but it’s the truth. I’ll stay for as long as you want and just tell me what you want done and all do it. I’m going on record that I don’t like this, but I will listen to everything you say.”

“I have to go out to look out on some business matters and if you could stay here and look after Jamie, it would be much appreciated. You have the run of the house, but please do not use my phone for long distance calls. In fact, you really can’t anyway and I blocked it, so that only local calls can be called from here. I do have an Internet phone and it might be a little bit fuzzy, but it is free to call just about anywhere through the United States and Canada. Anything else, you’re going to need some credits to make those kinds of long distance calls. I even have Skype on my computer in my office.” He was already grabbing his brown leather hide duster.

I had to admit that he looked pretty damn good in it and even when he had it off, I was slowly undressing him with my eyes. I could feel myself wanting something more than just to look at him, but I wasn’t sure if he was ready to betray his wife’s memory.

“I’ll make sure that Jamie is fed and then I’ll find him a movie and we’ll watch it together until bedtime.” He was already out the door waving his hand dismissively and running up to his own truck. It was gleaming black with silver chrome. When he stepped up into the cab, he looked like a real man going off to work. It was 6:00 PM and I had no idea when he was going to be back, but I still had a hellion to deal with.

“I want Kraft dinner and hot dogs… I want Kraft dinner and hot dogs…I want Kraft dinner and hot dogs.” This continued for a good solid 10 minutes and I tried to get him to stop, but it was like trying to shut up a televangelist when he got on a roll. This kid had a one-track mind and I finally put up my hands in surrender.

OK OK, I’m going to the kitchen and I’m going to make you Kraft dinner and hot dogs.” I walked in the kitchen and it stunned me to my very core. Dishes were everywhere and it didn’t look like he had a clean plate in the entire place. He was acting like a bachelor and I suppose in retrospect he really was. I could have left them there and tried to find something to use to make the Kraft dinner and the hot dogs.

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