Under One Roof

By: Debbie Gordon

“It’s fine and I guess he sees a good thing when he notices it. I can’t say that about a lot of people and there are others that will take advantage of a situation and make a girl feel like she did something wrong.” My words were directed right at him and I could see that he was sheepishly looking at his shoes.

“Yeah… his grandmother is coming to pick him up in a few minutes and I wonder if you would want to come over for a barbecue. I’ve been over to your father’s place enough times and now I figure that I should return the sentiment. Please, don’t make me beg and I think we really do need to talk.” I don’t know what it was about the Carson men, but there was no way that I could stay mad at him either.

“I’ll be there round six.” There was nothing left to say and that moment that we had while he was a bit intoxicated was still lingering in the air.

I couldn’t decide what to wear and I finally gave up and just went with a casual look of a white tee shirt with no bra and a pair of jeans that seemed like they were painted on my figure. The sun was going down and I walked over and was about to knock on the door, when I got a better idea. I turned and went around to the side of the house. I reached over and unlatched the gate. I then swung it open in front of me. I felt the blades of grass tickling my toes through my sandals, as I walked around and saw him standing there without a shirt on. He had no idea that I was down here within the shadows.

He was looking at his watch and I think that he was getting an idea that I was going to stand him up. He actually slammed his hand down onto the railing. It made me jump, but also confirmed that he was anxious to see me.

“Now you see what I’ve been going through for the last couple of days.” He glanced around like he couldn’t believe that there was a voice in the darkness. I came out into the light and climbed the stairs. I stood with my hands across defensively. “You made me feel like I was dirty. You haven’t reached out and maybe it’s because you feel like you did a disservice to your wife’s memory.”

“I’m sorry; Camille and I never wanted to make you feel like that. It’s just that I was thinking about things and I didn’t think it was proper and people may talk. I guess I just needed to remind myself that she was really gone and that I wasn’t betraying her by being with you.” I could smell what was on the grill and looked to see these beautiful T-bones getting a nice char on both sides. I don’t know what kind of rub he used, but it made my mouth water for a taste. “I thought that I would make it up to you by having you over for dinner and maybe having you for dessert.” He was wearing his customary blue jeans and even without his shirt on, he was still wearing his cowboy hat.

“I think that can be arranged and I have something that is going to quench your appetite. I have a little dish that has a nice creamy center. I also know of this special éclair that is about eight or 9 inches long, quite thick and has its own creamy center. Add them both together and it’s a dessert that is best served in the bedroom with the lights turned down low.” I could see his bottom lip quivering. “For me, it’s the éclair that’s going to do it for me. That long special pastry will fit nicely in my mouth and if you’re lucky into my throat.” I gripped him through his jeans and I could feel that he was visibly aroused by my presence.

“Camille, I don’t want this to end the same way that it did the other night. I want all of it and I don’t want you to hold back. In my own cowboy way, I’m stubborn, loyal to a fault, but once I commit myself to somebody, there is no going back.” This was not your ordinary babysitting job and without that kid here, I could truly let myself go. There was no danger of him hearing me scream and we were at the end of a street. The only house close by was my own and it was deserted with my parents out of town on a business pleasure trip.

“I have no intention of letting you go this time. Last time, you were out of it and had I taken advantage of you, it wouldn’t have been the same, as having you here with me right now. We’re not going to drink to excess.” He had a bottle of wine open and I picked up the chilled glass and felt the cold against my fingertips. I took a sip and I savored the elegant bouquet, until finally it flowed freely down over my tongue and into my mouth. It was a good year, although I really didn’t know that much about wines. I did know what I liked and I liked what I tasted and I certainly liked what I was seeing bulging with my own eyes.

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