Wedding Vow of Revenge

By: Lucy Monroe

“You married me to keep me away from Baron.”

“I married you to keep you near myself.” The urgency in his voice rang true.


“Tara, I met you and I wanted you. I got to know you and I knew having your body would not be enough. I’ve spent ten years spurning emotion, staying apart from my family, never letting anyone as close to me as I allowed you within a week of meeting.”

It had been the same for her. “But the revenge…”

“What revenge? Did I do a single thing to Baron Randall that he did not bring on himself?”

Tara considered her husband’s words and his need for revenge and realized that he was right. He might have brought the pieces together, but Baron had put them all on the game board. “No.”

“If I had met you under any other circumstance, I would have wanted you for mine for all time.”

“How can I be sure?”

But even as she asked the question memories bombarded her. Angelo was capable of utter ruthlessness, but he had not seduced her when it was obvious he could. In fact, the whole time he had known her, he had done nothing to hurt her.

He had given and given and given and that kind of behavior from an alpha guy like him denoted she had a very special place in his life.

A place that could not begin to be defined by his need for revenge.

“It is a matter of trust, stellina. If you love me, then you can trust me…your heart will beat with mine and know the truth despite what logic might say.” The vulnerable expression in his indigo eyes said more eloquently than any words how unsure he was of her feelings, how much she could hurt him right now if she rejected him.

His mom had done that. She hadn’t loved him enough to stay and face her own demons, but Tara was stronger than that. If they had a chance at happiness, she couldn’t bear to let him go.

“I do love you, Angelo. So much.”

His throat convulsed. “Enough to stay with me even though I am not the perfect man you deserve?”

“None of us is perfect, my darling, but I couldn’t leave you without ripping my own heart out.”

The kiss was a mutual melding of their mouths and their lovemaking afterward was beautiful and tender enough to make even a stone heart cry. Her heart was not made of stone, so tears seeped from her eyelids and Angelo rubbed a wet cheek against her own.

“I have been alone so long.”

She held him to her as he loved her with tender, pleasure filled strokes. “You aren’t anymore.”

“No, I am not.” The joy and satisfaction in his voice was unmistakable.

As the pleasure spiraled out of control she cried out, “Angelo, I love you.”

His hands cupped her face and he met her eyes, his burning with emotion she’d never thought to see there. “And I love you, Tara. My wife. My life.”

Their son was born on a spring morning. As the doctor laid the superbly healthy infant onto her chest, Angelo placed one hand on her head and the other on their baby’s back.

“Thank you.” He mouthed the words, his voice so low it could not be heard.

She smiled at him, this man who loved her so completely. “We are a family.”

“Not alone.”

“Never alone.”

“I love you, Tara.”

“I love you, Angelo.”

And their baby made a snuffling sound as if agreeing to the preciousness of the circle of their family.

They belonged together, the three of them and God willing, one day there would be more children. Her tycoon would never again have to live in a world void of love and tenderness.

Men like Baron Randall would never understand that gift, but Angelo did.

Because her ruthless tycoon had something the other man did not. A heart.

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