Wife to the Boss

By: Lexy Timms

Managing the Bosses Series, Volume 6

Chapter 1

The tests were in, and there was in fact a little life growing inside of her. Jamie smiled at the thought, though it still scared the hell out of her. Kids didn’t come with manuals. She knew it was silly, yet some part of her thought maybe they should.

Alex was excited about the possibilities, and had already started a list of boy and girl names that he wanted her to continue to add to until they found out what they were having. He was like a kid himself, excited and hyper as he talked nonstop about it. He had been quiet at first, finally telling her he was worried he would turn out like his father. Then somehow, he woke up one morning and decided he was going to be the best dad ever. Jamie didn’t doubt it for a moment.

The honeymoon phase was still very much in effect, but Jamie wasn’t sure that it wouldn’t always be with Alex. Simply being in the same room with him left her breathless.

She walked to the kitchen as her phone blasted upbeat tunes from the living room. Alex was out playing golf with Mark, which had become one of the many ways they were working to lower his stress levels. The fact that the two brothers were spending time together was enough to make Jamie smile. They needed each other. With their mother and father already gone, they were it from the Reid side of the family.

Until this teeny tiny peanut inside of her came out. If it was a boy, the name would continue. “No pressure,” she muttered teasingly to her belly.

The press situation had started to subside over the last few weeks, the media getting a hold of a Hollywood icon’s newest scandal and running in that direction. A famous actor, Conrad Danes, was dating some bestselling author, and the paparazzi wanted to figure out who the author was. Whereas Jamie was grateful for the break in attention, she felt horrible for whoever’s life it was that they were headed to wreck. The media had a way about them, and seeing that Alex was approaching the line to be one of the top five wealthiest men in the United States, Jamie hoped there was something he could do to change it. It was like salmon swimming upstream. Most of the newspapers and magazines thrived on hype that wasn’t true. It was damning at best. If anyone could change it, that person might just be Alex.

The story with Stephen was pulled from the Enquirer as soon as Alex’s lawyers got a hold of them, and Stephen was rotting in jail for attempted murder. Nicholas was out of the picture and the settlement was finalized with him, though Jamie didn’t really agree with not taking him to court. He deserved his own private jail cell, too, but supporting Alex in his decision was her best bet. It was his lawsuit to file or settle, and he’d been the bigger man. He always was.

Sunday afternoons were quiet around the house, and cleaning up the huge place they called home had become lethargic. She bounced on her heels as she worked to get her hair up. Her eyes moved around the kitchen, looking for something to scrub that the maids didn’t catch earlier that week.

Alex refused to let them go, and most days she was grateful for them, but playing Cinderella at her mother’s house half of her childhood left her lost. It was better to stay busy anyway. It helped her not think about everything coming up.

“If only childbirth could be like the wedding. Safe. Comfortable. Intimate,” she muttered as she reached up and grabbed a box of light bulbs before walking through the living room.

A quick spin on her toes almost had her losing her balance.

“Oh crap.” She reached out and grabbed the arm of the couch, letting out a shaky sigh. The doctors had cleared her from the scare a few weeks before. She was pregnant, and yet no one could tell her why the tests came out so inconclusive. At first they figured that it was a tubal pregnancy, but after running a few more tests a week or so later, they were satisfied everything was alright. The fetus was where it was supposed to be. Living in fear over what was or wasn’t for a few weeks waiting for the results, after all they’d been through with the press and Stephen, was exhausting.

“We need another vacation. A permanent vacation.” She opened the door to the garage and walked out, flipping on a light and searching for the ladder. Two of the three lights had burned out above Alex’s side of the garage, and trying to get him to do anything at home was damn near impossible. He was once again living at the office. She didn’t mean to sound like she was complaining. She hadn’t really asked him to fix them.

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