Wilde Novellas

By: Janelle Dennison

WILDE 01, 03, 04, 06

Chapter One

Jill Richardson had the sweetest ass Eric Wilde ever had the pleasure of admiring. Slightly rounded and toned, her smooth, luscious bottom gave way to long, slender legs encased in sheer stockings and three-inch designer high heels he found equally arousing. There was something about a woman’s curvaceous backside that turned him on, and Jill’s pert bottom, along with the slow, sexy sway to her hips, never failed to cause a rush of heated lust to flow through his veins.

And it had been a long time since he’d found a woman so sexually appealing. So damn distracting. Or so challenging.

He watched as Jill disappeared into the copy room, which was across the hall and adjacent to his private office at Massey and Associates, and released a long exhale. Dropping his head back against his chair, he closed his eyes and squeezed the blue rubber stress ball in his fist, welcoming the clench and release of tendons and muscles. Unfortunately, the exercise did little to ease the sexual tension thrumming through him.

No, there was only one cure for that particular ailment—having Jill hot and breathless beneath him, taking him hard and deep, and begging him for more.

Oh, yeah, he thought with a slow, lazy smile as he enjoyed the private fantasy filtering through his mind. Of stripping away the conservative peach suit she wore, along with her pragmatic facade, and discovering the sensual woman he sensed beneath the composed exterior.

“Eric, are you sleeping on the job?”

Startled by the sound of Jill’s voice so close, he blinked his eyes open and found her standing on the other side of his desk. Amusement glimmered in her green eyes, and a matching smile curved the corners of a mouth so tempting he ached to taste her lips, and deep inside. She wore her auburn hair tucked into a tidy twist at the back of her head, and too many times he’d wondered about the length of those strands—the feel and texture against his fingertips and trailing across his skin. From head to toe she looked every inch the corporate professional and damned if the entire sensible package didn’t do it for him in a major way.

Smiling in return, he sat up straighter, kneaded the ball in his hand one last time, then set it next to his computer. “Just taking a rest. It’s been a long day.” Twelve hours for him, to be exact, filled with budget meetings, a three-hour presentation to a client, and half a dozen contracts pored over and approved.

“And a very productive one for me,” she said, her excitement nearly tangible as she slid a glossy color flyer on top of the reports in front of him. “I think I finally nailed the concept and layout design for the Enchanted Cruise Line account.”

He picked up the presentation brochure, taking in the impact of her design and identifiable artwork, unique to the cruise line they were representing. The concept was tied together with the catchy slogan they’d brainstormed together late one night, and he knew without a doubt she’d captured the full effect of what their client was expecting in their final presentation.

She walked around his desk and came to a stop next to his chair. Bracing her hand on the mahogany surface, she bent low to look at the brochure with him, bringing with her the unique but familiar scent of feminine softness and sensuality that wreaked havoc with his mind and body.

“So, what do you think?” she asked, obviously anxious for his approval.

He glanced toward her, witnessing the exuberance reflected in her expression, and felt that jolt of chemistry that was always present between them. Not for the first time he wondered if all that creativity and enthusiasm for her work extended into the bedroom. He wanted to find out in a way that was bordering on obsession.

“I think that mind of yours is absolutely amazing,” he said, giving her the compliment she deserved for a job well done.

A huge smile lit up her face. “So, you really like it?”

“I love it,” he replied honestly. “And I think our client will, too.”

She turned her attention back to the brochure, and his gaze traveled down the smooth expanse of her throat to the conservative overlapping “V” of her suit jacket. Her stance caused the lapel to gap open slightly, giving him a glimpse of the delicate slope of one breast and the peach lace trim of a bra—just enough to tantalize and tease his senses before she straightened again.

“I have to admit that the generous bonus Massey is offering me to bring the campaign in on time and to the client’s full satisfaction is a huge incentive in getting this presentation absolutely flawless.”

And that bonus was important to her, he knew. Had been from the very beginning, since the promise of that monetary reward had been the deciding factor in her taking on this freelance project. According to her impressive resume, she used to work for an equally large advertising firm, until she’d abruptly quit and started her own small agency. On occasion she did freelance work, and the president of Massey and Associates insisted she come on board as temporary creative director for this potential multimillion dollar contract, at any cost. Thus the bonus. There had even been talk of the partners wanting her on a full-time basis, but so far Jill had turned down their very generous offers.

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