Wilde Novellas

By: Janelle Dennison

At the moment, there was something about his entire demeanor that seemed a bit aggressive, predatory, and too damned sexual.

Or maybe her exhausted mind was playing tricks on her.

Despite that definite possibility, her stomach fluttered in keen awareness, and she did her best to squash her attraction to him, as she’d managed to do for the past three months that she’d been working for Massey and Associates. And keeping her distance included keeping to her side of the elevator, which seemed to have shrunk in size the moment he’d hopped on board.

It dawned on her that she’d never been alone with him in one of the elevators before—they were always surrounded by other people coming and going to different floors. The air around her turned too warm, his presence too intimate, his gaze too purposeful.

The elevator began its smooth descent toward the parking garage and she regarded him with a small smile. “All you had to do was holler and I would have held the door for you.”

A disarming grin full of his normal playful charm curved his lips. “I didn’t want to take any chances.”

His odd remark confused her, but she refused to read too much into his comment—like the fact that he was insinuating she might not have held the door for him. “Well, I’m glad to see you took my advice to call it a night.”

He shrugged his wide shoulders. “I decided work will be waiting for me when I get in in the morning.”

“Unfortunately, it’s so true.” Needing to distract herself from his compelling stare, and the fact that they were sealed in a small confined space alone, she opened her purse and began digging through the contents for her car keys. “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a fairy that came in at night and sprinkled fairy dust on all our outstanding work so that it was all done come the morning?”

He chuckled at her whimsical thought, and then the elevator came to an abrupt, jarring stop.

She sucked in a quick breath and her gaze shot to the numbered panel above the steel door, which confirmed her fear. They were stalled somewhere between the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth floors. “Oh, my God, we’re stuck.”

“We’re fine,” Eric said, his low, deep voice reassuring her. “I stopped the elevator.”

“You did?” She jerked her gaze back to him, and frowned, unable to comprehend why he’d do such a thing. “Why?”

“Well, for one, I now have your full attention.” Calmly, he set his briefcase and jacket on the floor, then slowly closed the short distance between the two of them, stopping less than a foot away. “And two, I’m buying myself some extra time alone with you, five minutes max, without the chance of getting interrupted by a coworker, or something business related. This is strictly personal, between you and me.”

Her pulse leaped, spreading heat throughout her entire body. Somehow, she managed to keep herself outwardly composed, though her mind tried to predict what he intended to do with the five minutes he’d just brazenly claimed as his own.

For some reason he’d chosen tonight to bring their attraction out into the open, to force her to acknowledge the desire they’d both skirted for the past three months.

She inhaled a slow, deep breath. He stood so close, she drew in the warm, masculine scent that clung to his skin, could feel the heat of his tall, lean, hard body that made her feel so soft and feminine in contrast. His eyes were dark and focused completely on her, the irises smoldering with an intense sexual energy she found both fascinating and unsettling.

Oh, Lord, he was so virile, so tempting, so… everything. Yet there was absolutely nothing intimidating about him, if she didn’t count the threat to her hormones, and emotions, too. She had a feeling, given the chance, he could devastate both.

Absently, she ran her tongue over her dry lips, and realized her mistake when his gaze dropped to her mouth. “Eric… don’t you think that security is going to notice that this elevator isn’t moving?” Amazingly, her voice didn’t betray her nervousness, and she managed to sound steady and pragmatic.

“There’s no reason why they should suspect anything’s wrong, not unless someone presses the alarm bell,” he said meaningfully. “It’s after seven in the evening, there are six other elevators operating, and no one is going to miss this one for a few minutes. And you can release the stop button at any time.”

He was giving her that choice to make. Giving her a sense of security and a safety net if she wanted one. But that meant brushing past him to get to the panel of buttons. In the process of her sidestepping him their chests and thighs would touch, and she didn’t think she could handle the intimate caress of their bodies when her nipples were already so painfully tight.

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