Wilde Novellas

By: Janelle Dennison

He narrowed his gaze, seemingly hurt that she’d lump him into such an unsavory category. “You think I’d use a personal relationship against you?”

“It’s happened to me before.” The words slipped out before she could stop them, but maybe he needed to hear the brutal truth from her. And maybe she needed to remind herself, as well.

He appeared taken aback by her candor, and for the first time ever, speechless.

Nearing her stop for parking garage two, she crossed the elevator and picked up her briefcase, then forced herself to meet his gaze again. “How about we forget that the kiss ever happened?”

“You can do that?” His voice rang with disbelief.

She was certain she’d never forget that soul-stirring kiss, and would most likely relive it every night when she tried to fall asleep. Not that she’d ever tell him that.

The elevator came to a smooth stop where her car was parked, and the doors opened silently. “I just think it’s the smartest thing for us to do.”

He caught her arm before she could exit, his sensual lips tightening with determination. “I think I proved there’s something between us worth pursuing,” he said, and released her. “Just think about it, Jill.”

As if she’d be able to think of anything else.

Chapter Two

He had to have her.

Eric quietly and covertly scaled the stone wall to Jill’s backyard, knowing there was no other cure for the surge of lust that had gripped him during and after the kiss he’d shared with Jill. And nothing, absolutely nothing, had taken the edge off the raw sexual energy riding him hard ever since.

He’d spent an hour working out at the gym, and had even met his sports enthusiast brother, Adrian, for a fierce game of racquetball. He’d managed to beat Adrian’s ass, just barely, and even that victory hadn’t eased the tension thrumming through his veins. Probably because his sibling had accurately guessed that it was a woman who had him all tied up in knots, and Adrian hadn’t hesitated to rib him unmercifully about his inability to score with this particular female.

As a last resort, Eric had tried a more conventional method of taming his arousal with a cool shower, all to no avail. Or relief. He was still hard with wanting her, he thought in disgust.

He had to have her. It was that possessive, all-consuming thought that had driven Eric to more extreme measures. While pacing across his living room floor to help shake off his agitation, he’d come to the conclusion that the only way to bypass Jill’s issue of mixing a working relationship with pleasure was to cater to her fears, and that meant keeping the two totally and completely separate. Business would remain at the office, and pleasure and fun would come after-hours, in a private, intimate setting he planned to establish this evening. No one would ever find out that they were seeing each other outside the office, so there wouldn’t be any conflict of interest for Jill to worry about. Or any threat to her standing with Massey and Associates.

All he had to do was convince her to agree to the private affair he had in mind.

Now, after climbing over the stone wall surrounding the front of the Victorian house in which Jill lived on the far end of a quiet residential street, he moved stealthily through her backyard and kept close to the lush foliage clinging to the one-story structure. Dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans, and staying well hidden in the shadows of a few long-limbed trees, he waited patiently for the right opportunity to put his plan into motion. To set the stage for a beguiling seduction beyond anything she’d ever imagined, and one she wouldn’t be able to refuse. At least not easily, if the combustible kiss they’d shared in the elevator was any indication.

He caught sight of Jill through a window leading into what appeared to be the kitchen. Adrenaline and anticipation rushed through him, and he continued to watch her as she poured herself a glass of wine, then disappeared down an adjoining hallway.

Keeping to the outer recesses of the yard, he followed her through the length of the house with nothing but moonlight leading his way, until she finally entered a large bedroom with a king-size, four-poster bed dominating the room. The French doors leading to a tiled patio were wide open, giving him an unobstructed view of every move she made.

A brass lamp on the dresser gave off a soft illumination, and he watched as she strolled into the bathroom, set her glass of wine on the rim of the tub and turned on the faucet. She added a generous amount of bubble bath to the churning water before returning to the bedroom, where she stripped off her T-shirt, heedless of anyone’s presence.

Eric’s mouth went dry when her lacy bra followed, baring to his gaze, her gorgeous breasts, which looked full and firm in contrast to her slim waist. The tips were crowned with raspberry-hued nipples, and it didn’t take much to imagine them trembling against his stroking fingers, so sensitive beneath the soft scrape of his teeth, and hard and taut as he suckled her into his hot, hungry mouth.

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