Court and Spark

By: Tymber Dalton

Chapter One

“Okay, I’m out,” one woman muttered.

June laughed. “You don’t have to attempt one of those. Fen’s been doing this for a while.”

I’m a trained professional.

Fenton Burch closed his eyes and breathed as he relaxed into Sirsa Padasana, a backward feet-to-head backbend pose it’d taken him the better part of a month to finally achieve when he’d first attempted it.

The rest of the class was currently following June into variations of Ustrasana, a backbend done while sitting up on the knees, and far easier for a beginner to hold.

He hadn’t been able to get to class for over a week now, between getting moved into their new house and because of a project he’d been putting overtime into at work. This Thursday afternoon he’d left early as a result, and the only yoga class June had going right now was a beginner’s class.

He took it.

Fen also did yoga at home to unwind, but it was different doing it there than in class. He could, ironically, unplug more easily when in the studio, during a class.

Fewer familiar distractions, like stopping to check if he’d added an item to their shopping list, or was the laundry ready to switch from the washer to the dryer, or…or…or…

Plus he liked having the immediate feedback from June, keeping him from slipping into sloppy poses.

While everyone else followed June into Balasana, Fen rolled himself backward into Kapotasana, another backbend position. Wasn’t exactly the best pose to move into from the previous one, but it earned him a laugh from June.

“Now you’re just showing off, you brat.”

He smiled, knowing the way she meant it, too, even if the other students didn’t get the double entendre. “Flaunt it if you got it.” June was probably one of very few people who did yoga in that studio who could also hold that pose.

Fortunately, the other five students—all middle-aged women—had great senses of humor and more than a little bit of the vanilla kind of pervy interest in watching him. He knew what they saw—twenty-seven, five-nine and slender, with sinewy, lithe muscles visible under his close-fitting tank top and shorts, muscles people usually didn’t see under the khakis and button-up shirts he wore to work. Not a bad-looking guy, if he did say so himself.

Since his Sir thought he was a cutie—and Fen defaulted to the motto that Sir was nearly always right about everything—he’d go with it.

He didn’t mind them watching him. He was gay and married, not dead, and he wouldn’t deny he enjoyed the attention more than a little. Not exactly an exhibitionist, but close enough to one to be shaking hands with the definition.

The other problem he had doing yoga at home, if Joel was home, was that it usually quickly turned into them having sex. Only three weeks since their wedding and collaring, and two weeks since moving into their new home, and Joel was bound and determined to fuck Fen everywhere in their new house, especially on every horizontal surface—and even a few vertical ones—as frequently as possible.

Not that Fen was complaining, because he dang sure wasn’t.

It just made it hard for him to do yoga with him…hard.

By the time the class ended, he was struggling to hold back a semi-chub—both from thinking about the things Joel had done to him last night when Fen had tried doing yoga at home, and from the appreciative glances the other women were giving him over his form.

And how he knew what kind of hungry gaze Joel would be wearing if it were him watching Fen right now.

As the other students filed out of the studio and Fen was doing a few last stretches to finish cooling down, June’s husband, Scrye, walked in.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” Fen asked.

He smiled. “I’m the retrofit crew.”


June wore a playful smirk. “Wait until you see this.” She led Fen from that studio space, down a hallway, and into a smaller dance studio area, where a new doorway had recently been added.

“What’s this?”

“We expanded and took over the unit next door.” She opened the door and ushered him through.

Inside looked like a dance studio, including new flooring and mirrors, but there were regularly spaced mounts on the floor, and…

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