Indecent Pursuit

By: Ray Gordon


Sheena was aware of the young man looking at her as she shifted in her chair. He was standing at the bar ordering a drink, his dark eyes glancing at her every now and then. Wearing tight trousers and an open-neck white shirt, he was in his late twenties with dark, swept-back hair and a suntanned face. She thought that he was pretty good-looking, but she was waiting for a girlfriend to arrive and she wasn’t on the pull. Making out that she hadn’t noticed him as he approached her, she took her glass of beer from the table.

‘All alone?’ he asked her.

‘No,’ she returned, sipping her beer. ‘I’m with a friend.’

He chuckled and looked at the empty chairs around the table. ‘An invisible friend?’

‘She ain’t here yet.’

‘Oh, right. I’m Rod, pleased to meet you.’ Sheena said nothing as he sat opposite her at the table. ‘Do you have a name?’

‘I might.’

‘You’re a very attractive girl, if you don’t mind my saying so?’

‘I know I am.’ Gazing at him, she realised that he wasn’t the usual scum that hung around in the backstreet pub. He was well-spoken and polite, which made a nice change. ‘I’m Sheena,’ she finally said.

‘That’s a nice name.’

‘I don’t think so. Look, I’m waiting for a friend so . . .’

‘I’ll leave when she gets here.’

She frowned. ‘What are you doing in this dump?’ she asked him. ‘You don’t look the type to come to a scumhole like this.’

‘I was just passing and decided to call in for a drink. I have to admit that it’s not the sort of place I usually go to.’

‘So, where do you usually go?’

‘The Castle Club. It’s a . . .’

‘I know what it is,’ she cut in. ‘It’s posh. People with money go there.’

‘Yes, I suppose it is posh.’ He looked her up and down and chuckled.

‘What’s so funny?’

‘Nothing, I . . .’

‘I know what you’re thinking,’ she said accusingly. ‘You’re thinking that I’m common, aren’t you?’

‘No, not at all.’

‘Well, you should be thinking that because I am common. They wouldn’t let shit like me in that club.’

‘You shouldn’t put yourself down, Sheena. You’re a very attractive girl.’

‘Yeah, right.’

‘Would you like me to take you to the club one evening?’

‘I’ve already told you, they wouldn’t let shit like me in.’

‘Allow me to prove you wrong. How about tomorrow evening?’

‘I ain’t got nothing to wear.’

Taking his wallet from his trouser pocket, he passed her fifty pounds. She didn’t hesitate to grab the cash, but she knew that he was only after one thing. Reckoning that he was married and had come to the seedy pub looking for a slut, she grinned. She had no qualms about taking money from men in return for sex. As far as she was concerned, she was happy to be paid to drop her knickers. She was a common slut, she reflected, recalling an old man who’d been in the pub the previous evening. He was in his sixties and had given her twenty pounds in return for a hand-job beneath the table. Fifty quid for a fuck? she mused, gazing at Rod as she thrust the cash into her handbag. Easy money.

‘Buy yourself something,’ he said, smiling at her. ‘You’d look great in a black dress.’

‘Why don’t you stop playing games?’ she asked him. ‘I know what you want.’

‘I want you to come to the club with me, Sheena. I’m not playing games.’

‘Yeah, right.’

‘I’m serious. I find you incredibly attractive and I’d like to spend an evening with you.’

‘You wouldn’t want to be seen with me in that club. People would laugh at you.’

‘Why would they laugh?’

‘Because I’m a common slut, that’s why. I know that you’re only after one thing so why not admit it?’

‘I’ll take you to the club now, if you want me to.’

‘OK, let’s go.’

After finishing her beer, she left the table and walked to the door. She was wearing a red miniskirt with black leather boots and a loose-fitting white blouse, and she knew that Rod wouldn’t be seen dead with her in the Castle Club. Leaving the pub, she turned and hovered on the pavement as the pub door closed. Would he back out? she wondered. Watching the door, waiting for it to open, she brushed her long blonde hair away from her face and sighed. Her hair was a little greasy and dishevelled. Expecting to spend the evening in the pub with her friend, she hadn’t bothered to wash it.

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