More Than Miles (A Lost Kings MC Novel)

By: Autumn Jones Lake

On the Edge

Been waiting for this day for what feels like forever.

My hand’s in the air, ready to knock when the door swings open. Heidi’s mouth drops in a surprised gasp. “What are you doing here? Axel was supposed to pick me up.”

“They needed him at the clubhouse. Besides, it’s your birthday, gonna take you for a ride.”

Her lips twitch into a smile. “Okay.”

She takes a step back to let me muscle my way inside. My arm brushes against her as I pass, and her sweet scent snaps something inside me.

My foot lashes out behind me, kicking the door shut.

“Happy eighteenth birthday, baby girl.”

She takes a step back and crosses her arms over her chest. “Thanks.”

Every step I take closer to her, she takes one away. Finally her back’s to the wall and she’s got nowhere else to go. She turns and I slap my hand against the wall to stop her.

“Heidi, look at me.”

Her big brown eyes blink up at me. Words can’t express what’s inside my head or heart. Instead, I lower my mouth to hers. Capture her lips in a soft kiss. As soft as I’m capable of. I pull back just to breathe her in. My hands slide into her hair, holding her still so I can taste every inch of her sweet mouth.

I’m a bastard, because this isn’t the first time I’ve kissed Heidi. We kissed two Christmases ago under the frigid night sky and last year on her birthday.

But it was nothing like this. I don’t have to hold back now. She’s mine and I’m ready to finally be hers.

Her hands settle on my shoulders. Not pushing me away. But not urging me closer, either. I pull back.

“What are you doing, Blake?” she whispers.

“Claiming my girl.”

Her gaze skips away. “I’m not yours.”

My arms wrap around her waist, tugging her against me. “Yeah, you are. You’ve been waiting for this day as much as I have.”

One corner of her mouth twists down. It’s an irresistible gesture she’s done since she was a kid. I’ve always found it cute.

Now? It’s fucking hot.

My lips seal over hers again. This time, she opens for me, slides her hands over my chest, twists her fingers in my flannel shirt, and pulls me closer. My hands slide from her waist to her ass, pulling her against me. She wraps her arms around my neck, holding on to me as I lift her off her feet and carry her to her bedroom.

I kick that door shut, too.

I’ve got fucking hornets buzzing in my stomach. I’ve thought about this for longer than is wise to admit. Yet I’m nervous.

We break our kiss.

“Marcel?” she asks.

“Your brother ain’t comin’ home any time soon.” Now isn’t the time to talk about my best friend. We’ll deal with him later.

Reaching out, I rub my knuckles over her cheek, then cup her jaw and pull her to me for another kiss. I’ve never loved kissing anyone the way I love kissing Heidi. Even if that’s all she lets me do today, I’ll be a satisfied man.

One of us moves us to her bed. Probably me. She slips off my cut, carefully setting it on her desk, barely breaking our kiss. My hands run down her back, cupping her ass, pulling her against me. I twist us onto her bed, keeping her on top of me. My hands slip under her sweater and she freezes.

“Baby, I’ll be gentle. I won’t hurt you,” I reassure her.

She snorts and rolls off me to the side. “I’m not a virgin, Blake.”

With a growl, I roll on top of her, pinning her to the mattress. “Don’t give a fuck, Heidi.” But deep down I do. I’m furious. Not at her. I could never be mad at Heidi. She’s the sweetest, brightest thing in my world. Always has been. It’s the whole situation that pisses me off. And I know right this second, I’m never voting her boyfriend, Axel, into the club. No fucking way.

I have no right to be mad. She was never going to wait for me. Especially not after she caught me in a three-way in the middle of her brother’s living room a couple years ago.

“We’re even, baby,” I whisper while kissing her neck.

She groans. “I doubt that.”

Yeah, well I ain’t been a saint. But that shit’s over. I don’t ever want another woman’s hands on me again.

I draw back, peering into her eyes. “Axel?” I fucking hate saying his name here in her bed. Thinking of him in here with her is royally pissing me off. I haven’t been with anyone in a while. It’s not much, but it’s all I have to offer her.

“None of your business,” she shoots back.

“From today on, everything about you is my business.”

She doesn’t answer. Her hand reaches up and tickles over my beard. “This is scratchy.”

I can’t help laughing. “I’ll shave it off right the fuck now, Heidi.”

There’s that little twist of her mouth again. “Don’t,” she whispers.

We keep kissing while I undress her. Slowly peeling off each bit of clothing. I’m fuckin’ excited, happy, scared and hard as steel all at the same time. She helps me toss my shirt on the floor. Those little hands of hers skating over my back and shoulders send shock waves through me. I move down her body enough to run my tongue over one nipple and then the other. She gasps and arches her back. It’s completely silent in here except for the sounds of us.

Her hands fiddle with my jeans. She gets the button undone, then runs her hands over my sides. I struggle to push and kick my jeans and boots off. I don’t want to leave the warmth of her body for even a second.

“There’re condoms in my desk,” she says, while slipping her arm out and pointing.

Like fuck am I using Axel’s goddamn condoms. “I got it,” I grumble, and I swear she smirks at me.

Heidi’s always had an independent—some might say bratty—streak. I love it. I need a woman who stands up to me.

I need her.

As I drag my fingertips down her belly, over her hip and down her thigh, she hums in my ear. This crazy sexy, humming-purring sound I’ve never heard from her before.

I want more.

My hand trails back up her thigh, between her legs. Her heat sears my skin. I hiss when my fingers brush against her. So fucking wet. I circle her clit, and her humming noises turn into moans. I bury my face against her neck. “Heidi.”

My finger traces her slick pussy and teases inside. She lifts, pressing herself into my touch. Next time I want to draw this out. When we’re in my bed. Or maybe I’ll take her away where we can be alone. Where I can spend hours devouring her. Learning everything about her. But now? My dick’s throbbing. I’m worried if I wait much longer, it won’t be good for her.

Her hands shackle my wrist while she keeps me in place. Her forehead wrinkles and her lips part. “Oh, right there. Please, more.” The words come out as breathless pants. She grinds herself against me faster, riding my hand while she comes hard and loud. She’s more demanding and sure of herself than I expected.

I like it. A lot.

I need to be inside her. If it doesn’t happen soon, I’m pretty sure I’ll die.

I should feel guilty about this. Why don’t I feel guilty?

Twelve-year-old me is doing cartwheels inside, that’s why.

Future Heidi knows this is a horrible idea I’ll regret.

I’ve wanted Blake to look at me this way for years. When I found him waiting for me on the other side of the door, I knew this was where we’d end up.

It was inevitable.

The Heidi in the here and now wants what’s been denied for so long. I’ll have to fix the many broken pieces afterward.

Blood thunders through my ears as I come down. My eyes flutter open and I find him watching me intently.

“Beautiful.” To me, his low rough voice is both comforting and thrilling.

Between my legs, his fingers still gently trace circles against my sensitive flesh. “Are you all right?” he asks. I’ve known Blake my whole life, but never this version of him. Sweet, gentle, and determined.

“Blake, that was…” I can’t finish the sentence. I have no words.

He leans down and kisses my nose, then my lips.

My heart pounds impossibly faster as he reaches into the pocket of his jeans and slips out a gold foil square. Was he carrying that in the hopes that we’d end up here? Or is it one of many he carries around on a regular basis, in case some chick wants to drop her panties for him?

Fascinated and conflicted, I watch as he rips into the wrapper, tugs out the rubber and expertly rolls—

From the floor, Blake’s phone gives off a muffled buzz.

He hesitates. “Fuck.”

I’m practically panting with anticipation. He’s so close. The phone buzzes again, and I groan. He nips at my ear. “Ignore it, Bug.”

Goddammit. Past Heidi remembers the dismissive way he’s called me that for years. How insignificant it makes me feel. How much he knows I hate it and he calls me it anyway. To say it now, when everything’s about to change. When we’re about to…no. Just no. I can’t.

I press my hands against his shoulders and push him back. “You should get that, Murphy.”

His eyebrows draw down and his gaze roams over my face. “What’s wrong?”

A breeze from my open window drifts over me, and I close my eyes. “We should go.” I don’t wait for an answer. Instead, I shove my way out from under him and scoop my clothes up off the floor. I’ve been naked in front of one guy in my life—Axel, yet somehow that’s not what’s bothering me. I’m perfectly comfortable around Blake—and that’s what bothers me.

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