Rogue Breed

By: Wolf Specter

(A MM Gay Wolf Shifter Mpreg Alpha Omega Romance)

Chapter 1

Jonas could hear boorish laughing coming from the other side of the large double doors in the community hall. The noise made his heart flutter a little in fear. He was busy scrubbing out dishes from the feast earlier that day. As an omega with years of experience, washing dishes was below him. It was a job usually reserved for newly indoctrinated omegas. For Jonas, though, it was a godsend. If he was in the kitchen working, he didn’t have to be out in the great hall with the others.

The large doors swung open, and Jonas’s head jerked up. If it was their leader or his general, Jonas knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape fast enough to preserve his maidenhood for another night.

“Wow, they are awful tonight,” said Josh. He was a young man of eighteen who only recently left his sire’s den to join the pack. Tonight, the lanky young man was serving the rest of the pack, instead of Jonas.

“That bad?” asked Jonas, wiping his hands.

Frowning, Josh replied, “Curtis has pulled me onto his lap twice. When he tried to pull me into the night, Marcus saw him and shifted. When I left, they were both shifted and fighting on the front lawn.”

Jonas rolled his eyes upon hearing this. No doubt Marcus would win, and Curtis would find himself being dominated later tonight. Hopefully, for Curtis’s sake, Marcus was feeling forgiving and wouldn’t allow two or three of his pack mates to have a drunken romp with Curtis also.

“Do you want me to take over?” asked Jonas

Josh’s head shot up to look at Jonas.

“Absolutely not! Locke is already looking for you. I’ve thrown a few younger omegas his way, and he seemed to like one who looked an awful lot like you.”

Jonas shook his head. “Poor kid.”

Raising an eyebrow at his friend, Josh responded, “I wouldn’t feel too sorry for him. He looked rather proud of himself to be getting so much attention from the Alpha.”

Jonas could only imagine the joy of the poor fool. He was probably thinking about how lucky he was to be bedding the Alpha. What he didn’t realize was that the Alpha was only interested in how he could pleasure him, not his personality or mind. To Locke, the young Omega was just a breeding cow in a herd, and he was the steer. Jonas had been fortunate as a young omega. An older magi had taken him under his care and warned him against becoming nothing more than a breeder.

Creed was a kind older wolf who had lost his mate years ago. He had never taken another. He earned his keep in the pack by trading and selling rare magical items. He was respected in the community, and therefore few crossed him. Locke, though, was afraid of no one. As the pack’s undisputed Alpha, he could claim any wolf he wanted, including Jonas.

“I better get back out there before they start to rip apart the walls,” said Josh with a smile.

Jonas returned his young friend’s smile. “Alright, but be careful out there.”

“I don’t mind the animals,” said Josh with a wink.

Jonas watched Josh walk back through the swinging doors, a fresh tray filled with bottles of the pack’s homemade brew. The brew was Jonas’s own recipe, and he was rather proud of it. He had discovered early on that he had a talent for herbs and cooking. Those traits, though, along with so many others, went unnoticed. It was the life of all the lower omegas in the pack. If you were not born a hunter and warrior, you were nothing more to the pack than breeding stock and help to do the jobs no one else wanted, like cooking. Lost in his own thoughts, Jonas didn’t hear the doors to the kitchen open. He jumped as he felt two large hands grip his hips from behind.

“What the hell!” yelped Jonas, as he attempted to spin to see who was holding him.

“Hush now, pet. If you scream, someone might get the wrong impression,” said Flint.

Jonas tried to get away from the large Omega. He smelled like ale and sweat. It was an overpowering stench. The more he attempted to get away from him, the more Flint laughed and gripped Jonas. He could feel his manhood pressing up against his back through the man’s pants.

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